Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Former UFC Champ Tim Sylvia meets Brett Rogers in DREAM on New Year's Eve

In today's earlier report regarding Brett Rogers' jail sentence, it was noted that he was planning on fighting on December 31. Now, the fight he's got planned has been revealed, as reports that he'll take on former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia in Japan.

Rogers is expected to be released from jail early on Dec. 13, giving him a couple weeks of preparation for the New Year's Eve fight in Japan. Rogers is serving a sentence for felony third-degree assault against his wife in June. He has lost four of his last five fights after a 10-0 start to his MMA career.

Sylvia has gone 6-1 since suffering losses in three of four fights in 2007 and 2008. The former Champion, however, has been facing a lower level of competition across several promotions across the country, and this fight will actually mark his first ever in Japan. His most recent appearance saw him defeat Andreas Kraniotakes at ProElite 2 on HDNet.


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Michael McDonald honored to earn "Knockout of the Night" bonus from UFC 139

Michael McDonald, the UFC's youngest fighter at 20-years-old, has had a very good 2011. Though his first two fights in the UFC didn't see him at his best, he still picked up wins, and in his latest fight, he took the "Knockout of the Night" at UFC 139 with a 56 second stop of Alex Soto. In an interview with, McDonald talked about finding out about the bonus and being a part of the UFC 139 card with the Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua bout:

"We were wandering around forever, trying to see if we could find some news if we got it or not. We ran backstage to the press conference to see if we could ask somebody because that?s where all the bosses are. So we ran back there to the press conference and some random Joe goes, 'Hey, you won Knockout of the Night. They just announced it.' We were like, 'Whoa!' I jumped on my manager and I ran down the hallway and all that good stuff... This was one of the best cards in MMA history, and I just got 'Knockout of the Night.' What in the world? What an honor. I can't believe that I'm a part of this organization... I was afraid [Henderson or Rua] were going to steal my bonus [during the main event]. I was sweating bullets."


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UFC referee Herb Dean returns to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Video)


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Belfort training with GSP

I don't really have any info, but I do have these pictures :P Great move for Vitor!



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Condit vs. Koscheck, offical for UFC 143

A pair of bouts has been confirmed for the UFC's Super Bowl weekend event, UFC 143.

As ( previously...


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Jorge Lopez vs. Amir Sadollah On Tap for UFC 143


Gegard Mousasi Dennis Siver Leonardo Lucio Nascimento Matt Hughes Nick Serra

This is how UFC 140 should end!


Couldn't see this posted already, it is HILARIOUS!


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MMALinker - News

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Stand Up

Punch, jab, and combinations. MMA standup technique. What works for you?

Statistics : 198 Topics || 2227 Posts Last post by Fearless6691


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Report: Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis fight booked for UFC on FOX 2 main event on Jan. 28 in Chicago


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Mike Brown Tries to Get Mojo Back at UFC on FX 1

UFC officials on Tuesday announced that former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown has been added to the inaugural UFC on FX fight card.


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Jorge Rivera vs. Eric "Red" Schafer heading to UFC on FX 1

Veteran middleweight Jorge Rivera will stave off retirement for at least one more fight after suffering consecutive losses, as reports that he'll take on Eric "Red" Schafer at UFC on FX 1 this January.

The 39-year-old Rivera discussed retiring following his UFC 127 loss to Michael Bisping, but returned in August, only to drop a decision to Constantinos Philippou.

Schafer returned to the UFC in October after a win outside the organization in September, but he suffered his third straight loss in the Octagon at UFC 136 in October.

UFC on FX 1 takes place on January 20 from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn., with the preliminary card expected to air on Fuel TV.

UPDATE: The UFC confirmed the booking Tuesday afternoon.


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UFC confirms previously reported Thiago vs. Pyle, Broughton vs. Oliveira bouts for UFC 142

The UFC has confirmed two more previously reported fights for their return to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with UFC 142 on January 14.

Welterweights Paulo Thiago and Mike Pyle will face one another, while Rob Broughton will welcome newcomer Ednaldo Oliveira. Both fights were reported in the last week.

UFC 142 is headlined by a Featherweight Championship fight between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes, the UFC's second event in Rio in a five month span.


Umer W Chheena Thiago Alves  Anthony Torres Chris Lytle Kristian Rothaermel

UFC 143: Amir Sadollah vs. Jorge Lopez fight booked for Feb. 4 in Las Vegas


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Bad Boy Presents Bloody Elbow Radio - Episode 103: Rich Attonito, MMA Discussion


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UFC 140: Four Prelim Fights to Air on ION Television


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KELLER: Monday Notebook - Should Dana White be so blunt? Would Hendo-Rua have been bad on Fox? Will Diaz get under GSP's skin? Who can beat Jon Jones?


-Dana White wouldn't be Dana White if he didn't speak his mind and tell the hardcore fans he doesn't care what they think when it comes to the fallout from such a short fight on Fox compared to the impact Dan Henderson vs. Shogun Rua would have had if it had aired on Fox. I've read a lot of comments on MMATorch about this from our writers and on our Facebook page. I have to admit I side with Dana White on this one. Those of us who "get" MMA and understand the relatively superficial nature of blood, cuts, and exhausted fighters being allowed to continue fighting, to the uninitiated, the Hendo-Rua fight might have seemed barbaric.

I think once UFC has a track record on Fox, a Rua-Hendo type of fight would be great for ratings and for the sport. But as a first-ever exposure, it could have led to a backlash by some powerful people in the sports media, non-sports media, and network corner offices. UFC needs Fox to be able to get sponsors for their live shows to make this deal work for everyone. Junior dos Santos knocking out Cain Velasequez so quickly wasn't ideal, but it didn't set back UFC's efforts to integrate the sport of MMA into a higher level of mainstream acceptance. Rua-Shogun would have been fantastic for 50-90 percent of viewers compared to the short Cain-Junior fight, but those 10-50 pecent of viewers who were shocked or even appalled by what they witnessed in the five-round grueling bloody "classic" could have made for some big headaches for Dana.

The question, though, is whether Dana should be so blunt, as he was at the UFC 139 press conference, about not caring what the hardcore fans think. He says it with that trademark Dana grin, but it could rub some of his faithful the wrong way. With PPV buyrate numbers not exactly at all-time highs lately, maybe he should consider being a little more diplomatic and just explain himself. It seems he's talking to a few message board people when he reacts like that, rather than taking into consideration the large number of MMA fans who consider themselves part of that "hardcore" fan base Dana says he's speaking to, but who are more open to hearing his side of the story and aren't the ones writing blogs blasting him for his previous stance.

-MMATorch readers, by a nearly two-to-one margin (65 to 35 percent), want to see UFC pursue signing Fedor Emelianenko now that M-1 has (sort of) softened it's negotiationing position on needing to co-promote the event. However, where there isn't agreement is whether Fedor should be matched against Cain Velasquez, which is the fight Fedor's camp requested. While 41 percent like that fight, 24 percent think it should be against someone else. Obviously, Fedor's mystique is great diminished after losing three in a row, including to Dan Henderson.

My question would be what would Cain have to gain from a win over Fedor? Most people see Cain as an elite-level heavyweight. If he were to lose to Fedor, it would create a wave of "Fedor is back!" talk, but also a wave of "How good really is/was Cain, after all?" So Fedor has more to gain. Cain, meanwhile, if he beat Fedor, would be just one of four fighters who beat Fedor in the past few years. It'd just cement that Fedor has seen his best days. I think Cain has better fights to take, and Fedor vs. Brock Lesnar (if Lesnar loses on Dec. 30) or Fedor vs. Frank Mir is more intriguing, as both Brock and Mir would have more to gain, plus they're big enough names to be worth the trouble to bring in Fedor to fight.

-Who has the best shot to beat Jon Jones? There's no concensus among MMATorch readers, but 41 percent pick Dan Henderson as having the best shot among four top contenders listed. Rashad Evans (29%) and Lyoto Machida (27%) came in a strong second and third place. Shogun Rua, despite beating Dan Henderson in the second half of their fight two weeks ago in one of the greatest fights ever, didn't win over many people responding to our poll. Only 3 percent picked him as the most likely to beat Jones (in a rematch, in this case). Being 0-1, and losing in decisive fashion, will certainly damage people's confidence in you. I'm not sold on any of those four having a shot against Jones, but I wonder if Rua - having been in the Octagon with Jones already - wouldn't have a better chance a second time around than, say, Henderson in his first match against him? It's not like Henderson is THAT much better than Rua, after all.

-What MMATorch readers are quite sure of is that Rampage Jackson can beat Ryan Bader. I suppose losing to Tito Ortiz can do that to a fighter, along with a massive big fight experience gap. Over three-fourths of MMATorch poll respondents picked Rampage, with 20 percent picking Bader, and only 2 percent saying it's "too close to call." I don't disagree with picking Rampage, but in part because it's in Japan and I expect Rampage to be especially motivated. If it were a Fight Night main event or third-from-the-top UFC PPV fight, I could see Rampage lacking motivation against Bader and leaving himself open to a loss.

-At's MMA page today, Chad Dundas writes about what is at stake for Ryan Bader at UFC 144. Excerpt: "Simply put, if Bader can beat Jackson -- who is fresh off his own title shot and still ranked No. 6 in the world on power rankings -- it?ll prove he can still have a place among the upper echelon of the division. If he can?t, he might find himself relegated to a sort of B-list purgatory. He'll be a fighter who can run through the likes of Brilz, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Keith Jardine, but can?t hang with the top dogs... A victory over Rampage would mean those two previous losses likely won?t leave a longterm stain on Bader's career. After all, it?s easy enough to shrug off the loss to Ortiz as something of a fluke and at this point there is no real shame in losing to Jones. All the cool kids are doing that." STORY LINK: Bader faces career-defining test in Rampage.

-Dave Meltzer has a good story over at Yahoo! Sports's MMA page about the ambitious travel plans for UFC in 2012. Excerpt: "When it comes to running live events in various countries, there is still far more of a demand then a supply. With the exception of one event in 2010 in Germany, a market the company had lost television in, every overseas show they have run of late has done either sellout or near-sellout business. The strategy to combat this in 2102 is not to increase the number of pay-per-view shows, and actually slightly decrease them, but run more often by adding free TV and basic cable shows on Fox, FX and Fuel." STORY LINK: UFC launches most ambitious travel plans yet.

-Speaking of Dave Meltzer, if you want to hear Meltzer and me talk about pro wrestling, he was on my KFAN radio show 20 years ago and I posted it as a special Thanksgiving edition of the PWTorch Livecast. Check it out here: MELTZER & KELLER TALK PRO WRESTLING IN 1991. If you're also a pro wrestling fan, the PWTorch Livecast airs five days a week, and I host it on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can subscribe in iTunes - just search "PWTorch." While you're there, be sure to subscribe to our MMATorch Livecast which airs live every Tuesday night. Just search "MMATorch.")

-Recommended Link... Bellator's website features a video of highlights from Saturday night's Bellator 59 event that aired on MTV2. If you didn't have to watch the whole event or forgot about it, it's a good three minute highlight package worth watching:

-Today at, they're mainly promoting Saturday's Ultimate Fighter Finale, of course, which is headlined by Michael Bisping vs. Dan Miller, with a dose of UFC 140 hype, as that's right around the corner, too. We'll have preview articles for The Ultimate Fighter Finale posted this week, so visit MMATorch every day for the altest.

-Our new poll today asks whether GSP will be affected negatively, positively, or not at all by the trash talking by Nick Diaz headed into their fight. So far most thlink it'll help GSP fight better, but all three choices are getting a lot of votes. VOTE HERE.

-Be sure to check out our Flashback Article today from four years ago featuring Shawn Ennis's look at how UFC decided to give Matt Hughes a Welterweight Title fight against Matt Serra, after Serra beat GSP, and the complications that resulted. It's a good companion to Jason Amadi's "Ask the Torch" feature over the weekend explaning how UFC decides who gets title shots today. Jason's doing a great job with our amped up "Ask the Torch" feature, so keep your questions coming. If you have a question about MMA, send it to and Jason Amadi may address it in a future "Ask the Torch" feature!


Wade Keller is supervising editor of MMATorch. He has covered MMA since before UFC 1 for the Torch Newsletter, and is among the longest tenured reporters covering the sport. He is a double-black-stripe belt in tae kwon do and has practiced judo and jiu jitsu at the North Star Martial Arts Academy under Michelle Holtze and Tom Crone. He founded as a dedicated MMA website in 2006 and launched the MMATorch App in 2008. MMATorch is among the top five most read MMA-dedicated brands in the world.


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Michael Bisping Plans on Sending Jason 'Mayhem' Miller to the Hospital


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Ben Henderson wants to be synonymous with the lightweight division, but 170 lb. move may be in future

UFC Lightweight Title challenger Ben Henderson is singularly focused on becoming the best fighter in the lightweight division. But that doesn't mean 155 lbs. will be his home forever. In an interview with, Henderson said he'll eventually tire of the weight cut and pursue a run at welterweight:

155 is my weight class and I'm going to own it. I want 55 to be synonymous with myself, I want to be synonymous with the 55-pound weight class, but that being said, the older you are the harder it is to cut weight. I'm getting a little bit older now and cutting weight sucks... There's a few guys who've said things pretty similar as far as cutting weight when you get older, how hard it is. Dan [Henderson] is a perfect example. He's wrestled forever. I wrestled and cut weight six months, seven months out of the year since I was 12 years old. It's kind of getting old. I don't like it so much anymore... It is hard on the body. People don't realize how much of a factor it is."


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NFL Picks Week 13: Latest Odds, Predictions, Updates and More

The NFL season is starting to wind down as teams are hitting their home stretch of games. Week 13 will see a lot of moving around in the race for division supremacy and in the battles for Wild Card spots.  

For us fans, these games this late in the season become must-win games. A win will ease our minds as the regular season nears an end. With a win this week, it would further your favorite team's lead in a crucial division race. However, a win for a Wild Card team may continue their stranglehold on that No. 5 or No. 6 seed in the NFC or AFC Playoffs. 

For some teams, losing may be the better option for them this week. Being 0-11 or 3-9 may not be ideal for some teams this late in the season. If they would win this week, it would be good for the fan base and team morale. However, a win moves them deeper down in the 2012 NFL Draft and away from the best prospects in the first round.  

I'm not saying that a game this week is a must-lose, but being able to pick No. 2 or 3 in the draft is a lot better than picking at No. 10.  

Take a look through some of our predictions, odds and updates to Week 13’s games. We will be telling you who to pick as winners, what the betting lines will be for certain games and which players will have the biggest fantasy impacts. 



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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 Finale weigh in results, information and details from Las Vegas, Nevada, on Dec. 2


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60 Seconds with...

Hey everyone,

We've finally started our new series and started out with a local amateur fighter from Santa Cruz, Ca. We apologize for not getting...


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UFC's Demain Maia looks to get back to his submission roots at Brazil event in 2012


Michael Bisping  Marcelo Brito  Wagnney Fabiano Johnnie Morton Randy The Natural Couture 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 Finale weigh in results, information and details from Las Vegas, Nevada, on Dec. 2


Anthony Perosh Urijah Faber Siyar Bahadurzada Wes Soldier Combs  Glover Teixeira

UnderArmour underwear with jock

I recently purchased underarmour underwear/shorts that have a jock/cup fitting inside of them but I don't know if I bought a wrong cup or what, but I...


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2 Title Changes At TNA?s No Surrender PPV

Two title changes took place Sunday night at No Surrender as Winter regained the Women’s Knockout Championship from Mickie James while Austin Aries beat Brian Kendrick to capture the X Division Championship.
The title changes were forewarned prior to the event as a match line-up for the Sept. 23 TNA live event in Springfield, Illinois listed Aries as the X Division Champion and Winter as the Women’s Knockouts Champion. We reported both these title changes in our **SPOILER** report on Sunday afternoon.
Robert Roode defeated Bully Ray via pinfall to win the ...


Yoshihiro Takayama Houston Alexander Sean Sherk Cain Velasquez B J Penn

Nick Denis vs Nick Mamalis

I was going through fight finder and saw this fight ended vis Suplex and Chokeslam lol, anyone got a vid or gif of this lol


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ROUNDTABLE: What does Urijah Faber need to do different from UFC 132 to defeat Dominick Cruz? Hansen, Hyden, Perez, Hobaugh, Pelkey, and Penick

What will Urijah Faber need to do in order to defeat Dominick Cruz in their trilogy bout, and do you think he can get it done?


Keeping in mind that I scored Faber vs. Cruz 2 in favor of Faber 48-47, I don't think he needs to change a whole lot.� Obviously the opinions of those that matter saw things differently, so he does have to do more, of course.� When he does catch Cruz, he needs to hurt Cruz every time.� If Faber is able to make Cruz become tentative and think twice about coming in, the judges should be able to pick up on that.� A couple successful takedowns wouldn't hurt either.� If Faber can spend a good amount of time during two or three of the inevitable five rounds on top, combined with what he did at UFC 132, that could be enough to earn a couple extra points from a couple of the judges.


I think Faber needs to work his submission game, but also be ready with his boxing. Faber needs to capitalize on any and every mistake Cruz makes. He can do it, no question, he just has to jump on any advantage he can get. Faber needs to get Cruz to make that mistake, and the fight can be his. I do think Faber will win this fight by submission in the third or fourth round.


Urijah Faber has been quite dominant in non-title fights since he lost his featherweight title, but when it comes to title shots, it seems that Faber can't get the job done. �He seems to almost choke and either stick with a game plan that isn't working out the gate, or, he doesn't pull the trigger when need be. �His game plan and a review of his mistakes in the previous fights are the key to victory for Faber.


He needs to figure out Cruz's timing and movement and how to land more damaging shots. His inability to land more than one shot at a time the last time they fought was one big reason he lost. Cruz has an extremely hard style to prepare for and fight against. He has also proven he can take a good shot and has amazing cardio. Faber needs a better game plan. Consistent and damaging leg kicks could slow down Cruz and allow Faber to be more successful with his takedowns. Faber could also make better use of his dirty boxing and trap Cruz against the cage. He can inflict more damage and earn more take down attempts if he can do that. If he has a realistic shot at beating Cruz, he MUST get the fight to the ground and use his ground and pound. I like Faber's chance this time. He has seen the new and improved Dominick Cruz and can better prepare for his style now. If he can come up with a better game plan and execute that plan, he will win.


Exactly what he did against Brian Bowles. Pinpoint striking, good angles, speed, and that wicked wicked guillotine. This wasn't Jens Pulver Urijah Faber blew through (no offense Lil Evil) Saturday night. This was Brian Bowles: former WEC Bantamweight Champion, whose only career loss was to current champion Dominick Cruz in a fight where he broke his hand. Hell, I still had him as my #2 at 135. I can't make an official pick just yet on the trilogy fight between Faber and Cruz, but I will say that if the Urijah Faber that showed up at UFC 139 shows up against Dominick Cruz, we'll be having a new champion.�


It comes down to aggression and capitalizing on his opportunities. He hurt Cruz multiple times in their rematch in July, knocking him down on a number of occasions, but he was a bit too cautious and did not engage quick enough to make those knock downs count (for the judges at least). Against Brian Bowles last weekend he was in attack mode throughout the fight. He was fast, aggressive, accurate with his striking, and when he had Bowles on the ropes he amped up that attack. It's going to take that same kind of mindset and that same kind of relentlessness to his attack to take Cruz out. He can't be reckless, but if he's too hesitant he'll allow Cruz to get into rhythm and it will spell another long night.

[Urijah Faber art by Cory Gould (c)]


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Henderson/Shogun Better Than Griffin/Bonnar?

UFC president Dana White compares the epic battle from UFC 139 between Dan Henderson and Shogun Rua to the iconic fight from TUF 1 with Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar.


Logan The Pink Pounder Clark  Martinsh Egle Denis Kang Fabiano Scherner Phillipe Noer

Has Frankie Edgar ever heard of China?

"I am extremely excited to be fighting in Japan. It�s the birthplace of martial arts, and what better place to showcase your skills?� said a dapper and stylish Edgar. �It�s the greatest sport in the world, and [I am fighting] in the birthplace of where it all began. The Japanese fans are very knowledgeable. I think they�ll appreciate what we bring the table. Ben [is a] very aggressive guy, but I�m here to win. I don�t think it can be anything but exciting.� Quote from Edgar, here on Sherdog

I don't know if you have heard, Frankie...but all the martial arts from Japan came from China...ALL OF IT!!! Shotokan, Okinawa Karate, Sumo wrestling, Judo, JJ, etc etc...hell, Sambo is just as Japanese as BJJ...they were basically devised at the same time by students of Judo...BJJ and Sambo are basically watered down versions of Judo....and Judo, JJ, karate, ALL OF IT....from China...maybe some of the roots of ancients Chinese styles were brought from places like India, but even that is speculation.


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European championship Poule draws.

Will happen this friday.

Pot 1) Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, spain
Pot 2) Germany, Italy, England, Russia
pot 3) Croatia, Greece, portugal, Sweden
pot 4) Denmark, France, Czech republic, Ireland

I'll make the bold statement that it's probably harder to win the EC than to win an WC


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Pictures and Multimedia

Share pictures, videos, sounds, games, GIFs etc..

Statistics : 4112 Topics || 55346 Posts Last post by Chunk


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NBA Free Agents: Ranking the Top 5 Big Men on the Market

The free agency period will begin on December 9 and there are several quality big men up for grabs.

None of them will have the impact of 2012 free agent to be Dwight Howard, but these five guys have the ability to take a team to the next level.

5. DeAndre Jordan

The 23-year-old Jordan is the NBA's second most athletic center behind Howard. He's far from polished offensively, but he makes up for it with his high energy play.

Despite getting limited minutes last season, Jordan was quite productive. He scored 7.1 points, grabbed 7.2 rebounds and swatted 1.8 shots in just 25.6 minutes per game.

He's a restricted free agent and the Clippers will likely match any offer for him. But if someone is able to pry him away, they will get one of the most promising young big men in the league.

4. Marc Gasol

Gasol burst onto the national scene with his postseason performance last spring, putting up 15 points and 11 rebounds per game during the playoffs.

Like Jordan, the 26-year-old is a restricted free agent. I'm assuming that he will stay in Memphis but several teams (such as Houston and Golden State) could make him a very enticing offer.

3. David West

West's value took a hit after he tore his ACL in March, but he should be fully recovered in time for the regular season.

There's nothing sexy about West's game, but it's incredibly effective. Last year, he was his usual consistent self, averaging 18.9 points and 7.6 rebounds per game.

With all the uncertainty surrounding Chris Paul's future in New Orleans, West may be wise to head elsewhere. Indiana and New Jersey are both looking for a power forward and would love to have West on board.

2. Tyson Chandler

Chandler was a monster in the paint during Dallas' championship run.

The Mavericks were consistently one of the NBA's worst defensive teams, but the addition of Chandler changed that immediately.

His numbers of 10.1 points and 9.4 rebounds per game may not blow you away, but his presence on the court deters even the best slashers from attacking the rim.

I think he'll stay in Dallas, but he would look very good next to Steph Curry and Monta Ellis in Golden State.

1. Nene

Nene, the most sought after free agent on the market is the definition of efficiency. Of everyone who played at least 30 minutes per game last season, Nene's field goal percentage of 61.5 was the best by far.

Last season, Nene put up 14.5 points and 7.6 rebounds per game on a Nuggets team that had to deal with the Carmelo Anthony saga all season.

Denver will do everything they can to sign Nene, but several other teams could intrigue him. The Rockets have deep pockets and a solid core of Kevin Martin, Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola.

Nene could also turn down the money in favor of a definite title shot by joining Miami or New York.


Dan Hardy Rodrigo Gracie Joe Riggs Dan Cramer Jai Bradney 

Michael Bisping fail .gif from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14, episode nine. "The Count" won an air...


Martinsh Egle Denis Kang Fabiano Scherner Phillipe Noer Eddy Rolon

Sunday, November 27, 2011

GSP Is Not Impressed W/ Dan Henderson And Mauricio Rua's Late Round

*"No, for me, it was not the greatest fight. It was a fight that displayed a lot of determination and heart, but I believe on the technical points, especially at the end of the fight, the guys were too tired to be able to make a display of technique. But it was an interesting fight for a lot of the fans because ... it showed a lot of heart and courage. Clay Guida's fight with Benson Henderson was pretty good. That was a good fight. It was a display of courage, determination and technique, as well. So they had everything in one (fight). At the end of the fight, they were still able to deliver and the pace was high."*
---End Quote---

.:: ::. - Redirecting... (


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NFL Picks Week 13: Predictions for Every NFC East Matchup

The game everyone will be watching this week comes when the undefeated Green Bay Packers travel to New York to face the New York Giants. If any team has the talent on beat Green Bay on the remainder of its schedule, it’s the Giants. This one has “Game of the Week” potential.

While the Giants are trying to stop the Packers' win streak, the Dallas Cowboys look to extend their lead in the division by taking on the Arizona Cardinals. Dallas has now won four straight and looks unstoppable—this one has trap game potential.

The Philadelphia Eagles can almost kiss their playoff hopes goodbye at 4-7, now they’re playing for a winning record and a prayer at the postseason. Traveling to Seattle this week will be a tough match for the reeling Eagles.

Who will come out on top when the Redskins and New York Jets face off? Washington does a great job pressuring the quarterback. Find out who we like in this one.

Watch as B/R lead writer Matt Miller breaks down this week in football for the NFC East, telling you who will win every game and why.


Love the NFL? Follow Matt on Twitter @nfldraftscout and watch for more Bleacher Report videos at Bleacher Report Productions.


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CFB: S. Miss vs Houston



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ROUNDTABLE: Was UFC 139 the best card of 2011 thus far? Pelkey, Hyden, Perez, Hobaugh, and Penick

Where does UFC 139 rank in the "best events of 2011" list so far? Was it the best card of the year to date?


This was the best for me. I actually remember thinking to myself before the main event that the show was just a standout fight from Rua and Henderson away from topping the list. Needless to say, the epic main event we got put it way over the top. UFC 129 had been my choice to this point, but UFC 139 had plenty of exciting finishes, contenders announcing themselves to the masses, and a Fight of the Year main event. UFC 129 had similar features, but its main event left a sour taste in people's mouths. I think that's the difference.�


I'd say it probably was. There were some really good fights on the card, and they lived up to expectations. It's hard to think of another card as a whole that was as good as this one.


It was definitely an exciting card, and I'd be hard pressed to find a more exciting card. �The only card that I think would come close would be the Brazil card from August. �With KO's from both Anderson Silva and Shogun Rua, and a run time of barely two hours, it was a near better card. zBut, to speak selfishly, I enjoyed this last card due to the main events featuring fighters from Pride FC, and it brought great memories.


In my mind, this event is by far the best event of 2011. The undercard fights were great, as was the co-main event. I do not remember a boring fight all night. The Cung Le vs. Wanderlei Silva was one of the most interesting and exciting fights of the year. Cung Le?s amazing and unorthodox style was something I was not prepared for and enjoyed thoroughly. Seeing Wanderlei Silva shine again was a highlight for me as well. Add all of that to the instant classic of Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, and that qualifies UFC 139 easily as the best card of 2011.


When the top three fights on the card were as good as they were, and you throw in some excellent undercard action as well, this was definitely the card of the year so far in my eyes. The main event was my favorite fight of the year, Silva-Le was a really fun and brutal back and forth fight, and Urijah Faber put on one of his most impressive performances against a former Champion in the 135 lb. division. Then on the undercard, Ryan Bader and Michael McDonald made quick work of their opponents, Chris Weidman impressed against Tom Lawlor, and there weren't really any major duds on the card. It was just thoroughly enjoyable with the top three fights being especially entertaining.


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**VIDEO** Avellan Shows The Prayer Heel Hook


I got a LOT of positive feedback about the knee cut across
pass video - a.k.a. the Avellan Trademark Pass :) Check out
the positive...


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Bowl Projections: Oklahoma State vs Houston Would Be Epic Fiesta Bowl Matchup

This bowl season, the best Fiesta Bowl matchup would come if Oklahoma State and Houston played each other, providing fireworks the likes of which we have never seen.

The teams have the two best passing offenses in the country, and they score the most points per game.

Houston averages 449.7 yards passing and 52.7 points per game. Led by quarterback Case Keenum and a plethora of receivers including Patrick Edwards and Justin Johnson, this passing attack has dominated college football.

Oklahoma State averages 401.6 passing yards and 49.8 points per game, both of which are second in the country behind only Houston. Wide receiver Justin Blackmon is a future pro, and he has quarterback Brandon Weeden throwing to him. The combo of Weeden-to-Blackmon is arguably the best in the nation.

These two teams are always scoring a ton of points, and with shaky defenses we could easily see both teams top 50 points.

While some fans (including myself) prefer defensive struggles like we saw between LSU and Alabama on Nov. 5, other fans love to see touchdowns, and this game would certainly have them.

Keenum and Weeden; Edwards and Blackmon; this game would give us well over 100 points total, and I don't care what the over/under is, I'm taking the over.

These defenses can't stop much, and there is no way they could stop each other.

The Cougars allow 20.9 points per game playing against cupcake teams. They have not played an offense that is even close to the same caliber as Oklahoma State, and they will certainly be overwhelmed if these two teams play.

The Cowboys give up 27.3 points per game, and they have not faced an offense as prolific as Houston's.

These two teams would put up some serious points, and it would give fans exactly what they want—one game of pure defense and another of pure offense.


Karo Parisyan Roberto Traven Chad Akebono Rowan Josh Hendricks Darren M Jackson

Marius Zaromskis EPIC kick!



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COLUMN: The Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts Criteria for Judging MMA (And Why They Are Laughably Silly)

By: Matthew Stefaniak, MMATorch Contributor

With so much controversy surrounding the final round of Dan Henderson and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua's main event at UFC 139, a closer look at what constitutes a 10-8 round according to the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts may be helpful to those who are confused and frustrated by Saturday's results.

To explain what a 10-8 round means to the Unified Rules, we first have to look at what the committee (including Nevada Athletic Commission Executive Officer Keith Kizer, New Jersey State Athletic Commision representative Nick Lembo, and Association of Boxing Commisions Disciplinary Chair Michael Mazzulli and other prominent athletic commission figures) presented to the aforementioned Association of Boxing Commissions in 2008 as the updated Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

In the document, the committee broadens the scope of scoring from the UFC's traditional stance (effective striking, grappling, and Octagon control) to "effective striking, effective grappling, control of the fighting area and effective aggressiveness and defense."

The committee goes on to define some of these criteria:

"Effective striking is determined by the amount of legal strikes landed by a contestant and the significance of such legal strikes.

Effective grappling is judged by considering the amount of successful executions of a legal takedown and reversals. Examples of factors to consider are take downs from standing position to mount position, passing the guard to mount position, and bottom position fighters using an active, threatening guard.

Fighting area control is judged by determining who is dictating the pace, location and position of the bout. Examples of factors to consider are countering a grappler's attempt at takedown by remaining standing and legally striking; taking down an opponent to force a ground fight; creating threatening submission attempts, passing the guard to achieve mount, and creating striking opportunities.

Effective aggressiveness means moving forward and landing a legal strike or takedown.

Effective defense means avoiding being struck, taken down or reversed while countering with offensive attacks."

As you can see there are several peculiar anomalies.

The criteria for judging striking is determined not by who strikes more, but by the overall effectiveness of the striking.

Grappling is not judged based on submissions at all, the considerations are made for takedowns, moving into advantageous positions, and having an active guard.

Passing guard is then also associated with fighting area control which is the area in which judges are supposed to be considering submissions (shouldn't submissions be included in grappling?).

Chasing an opponent and trying to initiate (think Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites) has no bearing on aggressiveness according to the rules unless you land a legal strike or a takedown.

Defense is then defined as avoiding attacks while attacking. So you have to provide offense to score points in the category of defense. (???)

After specifically defining how to judge the five criteria, the Unified Rules then go on to explain even more specifically how round scoring should be judged:

"The following objective scoring criteria shall be utilized by the judges when scoring a round;

1. A round is to be scored as a 10-10 Round when both contestants appear to be fighting
evenly and neither contestant shows dominance in a round;

2. A round is to be scored as a 10-9 Round when a contestant wins by a close margin,
landing the greater number of effective legal strikes, grappling and other maneuvers;

3. A round is to be scored as a 10-8 Round when a contestant overwhelmingly dominates
by striking or grappling in a round.

4. A round is to be scored as a 10-7 Round when a contestant totally dominates by
striking or grappling in a round."

Again we have issues. According to the document, to avoid a 10-10 round "dominance" has to be exhibited by a fighter. Fans should expect to see many 10-10 rounds if that is the case, at least many more than we have seen.

Strangely, a 10-9 round specifically is to be scored if one fighter wins the round by a "close margin." Judges are supposed to only give 10-10 rounds unless one fighter shows dominance, but also score a 10-9 round if there is a close margin of victory.

Hmm. It gets better.

A 10-8 round is then defined as "overwhelmingly dominant" and a 10-7 round as "totally dominant." Yet there is no specific definition of what "overwhelmingly dominant" or "totally dominant" are at all.

Even more disturbing, the Unified Rules also state that "Training (for judges) should include comprehensive discussions surrounding what constitutes a 10-8 round while also noting that 10 10 rounds are available under the current scoring criteria." So, basically absolute definition isn't needed because the judges will all chat about it when they're being trained. Great.

We may never know if Shogun Rua was entitled to a 10-8 round in the fifth at UFC 139. No one can accurately define if he was "overwhelmingly dominant" or "totally dominant." Since nothing he threw was all that effective, we may never know if he only won by a "close margin," all three judges score cards seem to think so. One thing is clear; this document cannot continue to be retained as the rules in which MMA is governed by.

Until these rules are defined better, by experts, we should all expect to see the silliness and frustration continue because that's the way the rules are written.


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Thiago Alves vs. Martin Kampmann reportedly headed to not yet announced March 3 UFC event

A welterweight matchup between Martin Kampmann and Thiago Alves is heading to an as-yet unannounced event on March 3, according to a report from The report says the event is being rumored as another UFC Fox card, though that has not yet been revealed.

Alves is coming off a win over Papy Abedi at UFC 138 in England earlier this month, bouncing back from a loss to Rick Story in May.

Kampmann stopped a two fight losing streak in his own fight against Story, earning a decision victory last weekend at UFC 139. He's now 3-2 over his last five, while Alves is 2-3 in that same time span.


Ken Shamrock Paul Varelans Mark Coleman Tito Ortiz Per Eklund

ok im spending my summer in austrila its settled

Every aussia i have ever meet was really cool

Shinny and the other aussia are not idiots and seem cool enough

Lord knows the place is...


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UFC 139 Full Fight Photo Gallery

Check out's exclusive UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson fight photo gallery by Laron Zaugg.


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UFC on Fox: Happy Thanksgiving Dana White

What is UFC president Dana White thankful for this Thanksgiving? That's an easy one... UFC on Fox.


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

UFC reportedly signs Reza Madadi, to make debut at UFC on FX 1 against Rafaello Oliveira

Swedish-Iranian lightweight Reza Madadi is coming to the UFC, and will take on Rafaello Oliveira at UFC on FX 1 this January, according to a report from Swedish MMA site

Madadi, who brings an 11-2 career record into the Octagon, holds wins over UFC vets Rich Clementi and Junie Browning, as well as WEC vet Carlo Prater.

Oliveira is only 1-4 in five appearances in the UFC, but he's apparently getting one more chance to pick up a win with this fight.

UFC on FX 1 is coming to Nashville, Tenn. on January 20, headlined by a lightweight bout between Melvin Guillard and Jim Miller.


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Ask the Experts: Do the Sooners Have What It Takes To Win Bedlam?

After a 26-6 win over Iowa State, there's one question on the mind of every Oklahoma football fan: do the Sooners have what it takes to win Bedlam?  


Sean O Haire Victor Valimaki Fedor Emelianenko Bao Ligao  Mikey Burnett 

2011 NBA Free Agents: Mike Bibby and Realistic Targets for Los Angeles Lakers

Listen, Lakers fans, I'd love to see Dwight Howard and Chris Paul join Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol in Los Angeles as much as the next guy, but that isn't about to happen overnight, especially with the NBA trade market being as uncertain as it is amidst this brand new collective bargaining agreement.

As disappointing as the Purple and Gold were last season, they still have more than enough talent on their roster—between Kobe, Pau, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest  Metta World Peace—to compete for at least one more Larry O'Brien Trophy.

The key, aside from how new head coach Mike Brown fills Phil Jackson's Hall of Fame shoes, will be what general manager Mitch Kupchak does to fill out the fringes of his roster via free agency with but a $3 million midlevel exception with which to work..

If he's serious about chasing another championship with the core that he has on hand, he'd do well to reach out to these veterans in search of new homes.


Mike Bibby

A move to LA would be a fitting turn in Mike Bibby's long and winding career. Bibby was a veritable villain in the City of Angels during his days as the lead guard for the Sacramento Kings, with whom the Lakers enjoyed a fierce rivalry in the early 2000s.

Bibby is hardly the 15-point, five-assist, three-rebound player that he once was, though he's still more than capable of serving as a quality backup behind Derek Fisher.

More importantly, Bibby is still a legitimate threat from the three-point arc—something the Lakers have lacked for years now. In fact, Bibby is coming off the finest sharp-shooting season of his career, wherein he hit better than 44 percent of his long-range attempts for the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat.

If the front office decides to use the amnesty clause to excise Steve Blake's contract from the cap, look for Kupchak to chase after Bibby as his replacement.


Jamario Moon

Should Shannon Brown decide to test the market, the Lakers would then need to find another athletic swingman capable of backing up the Black Mamba.

Now, Jamario Moon is far from the ideal option, but he'd make a ton of sense given the situation. At 6'8" and a slim 205 pounds, he's has the hops to take the ball to the basket, the stroke to hit the occasional perimeter jumper and the lateral quickness to defend on the perimeter.

Moon is also eminently familiar with what's gone on at the Staples Center since the summer, having played under Mike Brown in Cleveland and spent the second half of the 2010-11 season with the Clippers.

And when it comes to the economics of basketball, Moon fits the Lakeshow's budget as an inexpensive option who shouldn't command more than the $3 million per year that LA can offer.


Shelden Williams

As far as front court depth is concerned, the Lakers need desperately to find another big man who can provide relief for Gasol and Bynum and stay healthier than Theo Ratliff did last season.

Shelden Williams fits the bill well enough, given LA's salary constraints. At 6'9" and 250 pounds, the former Duke Blue Devil is undersized for the role but possesses plenty of strength and defensive acuity to fill the role Mike Brown would need him to.

What's more, a move to LA would bring Shelden closer to wifey Candace Parker, who currently stars for the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA.

Not that the Lakers would necessarily care, but it'd make for a heartwarming storyline, wouldn't it?

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POLL: Should UFC pursue signing Fedor and match him against Velasequez?



Tim Sylvia Jung Chan Sung Antônio Rogério Nogueira Maurice Mo Smith Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Bellator 59 Fight Card Primer: Phillipe Nover vs. Marcin Held


Siyar Bahadurzada Wes Soldier Combs  Glover Teixeira Jan Nortje Karo Parisyan

Fight Day: Chad Mendes Interview



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Official Up-Coming Fights

Discuss "confirmed" up-coming fights.

Statistics : 27 Topics || 1438 Posts Last post by AtteroDominatus


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Georgia vs. LSU: 5 Reasons Bulldogs Can Pull off Upset in SEC Championship

The Georgia Bulldogs will be the underdog in the SEC Championship game, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pull off the upset.

We’ve seen this before, back in 2001 when the LSU Tigers upset the Tennessee Volunteers in the SEC Championship game, so it’s not that crazy to think about upset here.

After all, the Tigers come off of an emotional victory over the Arkansas Razorbacks, and they have to turn right back around and play another dangerous football team.

Georgia has enough firepower to beat LSU, and this is how the Bulldogs could pull off the upset.

Begin Slideshow


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UFC 139 Full Fight Photo Gallery

Check out's exclusive UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson fight photo gallery by Laron Zaugg.


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Strikeforce Challengers 20: 143,000 viewers

MMA Junkie reports that last week’s Strikeforce Challengers 20 on Showtime scored a lowly average of 143,000 viewers. The numbers indicate the lowest rating for the series as well as a 30 percent decrease from the previous Strikeforce Challengers edition which averaged 203,000 viewers. The show received a 0.42 household rating (via Wrestling Observer, subscription [...]


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POLL: Should UFC pursue signing Fedor and match him against Velasequez?



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Ian McCall and Rob Emerson Latest Injuries to Strike Tachi Palace Fights 11

Tachi Palace Fights 11 may soon be called 'intensive care unit' after two more injuries have occurred, including one to flyweight champion Ian McCall who is now out of the main event.


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Friday, November 25, 2011

Strikeforce Challengers 20: 143,000 viewers

MMA Junkie reports that last week’s Strikeforce Challengers 20 on Showtime scored a lowly average of 143,000 viewers. The numbers indicate the lowest rating for the series as well as a 30 percent decrease from the previous Strikeforce Challengers edition which averaged 203,000 viewers. The show received a 0.42 household rating (via Wrestling Observer, subscription [...]


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Cain Velasquez Already Back at Work

Cain Velasquez may have lost his UFC title to Junior dos Santos, but that's only proving to be an opportunity for him to prove he truly has the heart of a champion.


Jung Chan Sung Antônio Rogério Nogueira Maurice Mo Smith Yoshiyuki Yoshida Ivan Titenkov

Does Showtime's Grabbing of Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto II Signal a Dim Future For Strikeforce?


Marzagui Ayoub Brock Lesnar Scott Lighty Ricardo Almeida  Hirotaka Yokoi

UFC 140 video preview for 'Jones vs Machida' on Dec. 10 in Toronto (Extended)


Per Eklund Rumina Sato Ryan Bader  Mirko Cro Cop Filipović Tito Ortiz

Rampage gets his wish, meets Bader at UFC 144

You want it? You got it says Dana White and crew as PRIDE veteran and former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson takes on Ryan Bader at UFC 144, February 25 in Saitama, Japan. Jackson had been petitioning for a bout on the card for weeks now on Twitter, and seemed as though he wouldn?t be [...]


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Paulo Thiago vs. Mike Pyle reportedly coming to UFC 142 in Brazil

A very good welterweight fight between Paulo Thiago and Mike Pyle is coming to UFC 142 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in January, according to a report from

Thiago snapped a two-fight losing streak at the UFC's last event in Brazil in August, defeating David Mitchell by decision. The special ops officer in Brazil has gone 4-3 through seven appearances in the UFC.

Pyle, on the other hand, had a three fight winning streak snapped in his last fight, where he was stopped by Rory MacDonald at UFC 133 in August.

UFC 142 takes place from the HSBC Arena in Rio on January 14, and will feature a Featherweight Championship bout between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes.


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From couch potato to Title Holder, what to eat to stay in top shape

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UFC Lightweight Title challenger Ben Henderson not interested in money or fame, just wants to be the best

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Former WEC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson has been on a tear in 2011, erasing any negative stigmas from his time in the UFC's former sister organization - as well as his December loss to Anthony Pettis. Now, after three consecutive wins in the Octagon, he's got a shot at the UFC Lightweight Championship next February.

The wins over Mark Bocek, Jim MIller, and Clay Guida have brought Henderson a level of attention and fame he didn't receive in the WEC, but ultimately that's not a driving force for the 28-year-old.

"I'm not the biggest party goer. I don't want fame. I don't want money," Henderson said in an interview with "I do want to be able to pay my bills, and leave a little bit of money for my kids. I want to provide for my mom, my brother, my family. I'm not about the fame. I'm not about the riches. I'm not about the girls. I'm not about the partying, drinking, none of that stuff."

"I just want to be the best fighter, period. I don't want magazine covers; I don't want none of that stuff. If it comes my way, I'll deal with it if I have to. I'll do these interviews. I'll do whatever it takes, but I just want to be known as the best fighter. That's what I want. That's what I'm working for.?

Henderson's not going to begrudge any of his other fellow fighters partaking in the excesses that can come with money and fame in the sport, but it's simply not what he's after, and his singular goal is to capture the UFC title and establish himself as the best lightweight fighter in the sport.

"A lot of these other fighters, they just want to walk around with sunglasses on at the nightclub, getting free bottles of whatever," he said. "'Oh I got this comped, I got this VIP, blah, blah, blah.' Cool dude, that's awesome, that's good for you. I don't want none of that. I just want to be the best fighter on the planet."

"I want to eat like a champion. I want to walk like a champion. I want to talk like a champion. I want to sleep like a champion. I want to freaking take a shower like a champion. Whatever it takes, I will sacrifice whatever it is to get that belt around my waist and keep it there for a long, long time.?

Penick's Analysis: Henderson's got a great attitude towards his spot in the sport, and if he keeps his focus on continuing his improvement and just winning fights, he may very well be the UFC Lightweight Champion come February 26. He's already gained the respect of fight fans everywhere this year with what he's done inside the Octagon, and he can continue to establish himself as one of the best fighters in the world if he can keep winning fights like he's been doing. It all comes down to February 26 in Japan for him now, and if this year has shown us anything, it's that Henderson will absolutely be prepared to give Frankie Edgar everything he's got come UFC 144.


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