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Jake Shields Moves Back To Middleweight, Meets Ed Herman At UFC 150


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Todd Duffee Set To Fight Outside Of SFL This Summer

In an interesting development considering he signed a multi-fight exclusive deal with SFL, Duffee just tweeted that they're letting him fight outside of the organization:

Via Twitter:

"they are allowing me to fight else where this summer if i can find a fight"

Seems they can't attract a suitable opponent for Duffee to join the league and they're letting him fight elsewhere until they bring someone in. MFC (Maximum Fight League) want Duffee to fight Tim Hague again but I doubt Duffee would settle for him as it seems he wants to fight top level opposition.


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White threatens no UFC in CA if AB 2100 passes

UFC head Dana White has threatened to cease holding events in the state of California if a controversial piece of legislation passes in the state. �Assembly Bill 2100 was introduced last Wednesday and is supported by the Culinary Workers Union while opposed by the UFC among others. Via San Jose Mercury: (Assembly member Luis) Alejo [...]


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UFC Full Fight Video: Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis

Nate Diaz is getting ready to step in the Octagon with Jim Miller at UFC on Fox 3, but first, check out this full UFC 118 fight video of Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis.

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HYDEN BLOG: Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson; Jones' Eventual Move to the Heavyweight Division

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch contributor

Jon Jones dominated Rashad Evans in their fight at UFC 145 Saturday night, but had to settle for a five round decision victory. I give Rashad credit for going the distance with Jones, as I thought Jones would get the finish. Now Dan Henderson steps in as the next challenger for Jones and the UFC Light Heavyweight Title. In a way I would give Henderson a better chance at stopping Jones, as Henderson has unbelievable power and could knock Jones out with one shot. However, at the same time I think Henderson has a much lower chance than Rashad did to beat Jones. The disadvantages start with the reach. We all know about Jon Jones and his 84 inch reach, but that's only the beginning. Jones also has better wrestling, better submissions, and better cardio.

This is the cliche "puncher's chance" strategy come to life. All Henderson has to do is get one clean shot on Jones and the fight's over. However, getting that shot is going to be extremely difficult. Henderson has the experience to pull it off, but I can't see it happening. Jones knows what to expect, and he'd be a major league idiot to put himself into a spot to get caught with one of those bombs from Henderson.

The possibility of Jones moving up to the heavyweight division has now come up, and will continue to come up as long as Jones dominates in his current division. Dana White recently weighed in and said that Jones should be careful because heavyweight is a whole new world, the implication being that the heavyweight division is better than light heavyweight.

The old adage is that, "A good big man will always beat a good little man." That's not even remotely true because of all the variables that go into a fight. It brings to mind the saying, "That's why they play the game." Underdogs win all the time. On any given night, anyone can win. The other problem with just assuming that the heavier fighter will win is the size adage quoted above only applies to athletes of equal ability and skill.

It's true that being larger is an advantage, but it's only one of many advantages that can be gained. Generally larger fighters are stronger, but they are also slower. They also don't usually have good cardio. Size alone isn't an advantage if you don't know how to utilize it. Being strong also doesn't automatically grant you the ability to throw hard punches. If you know how to throw a punch you can knock anyone out. At the same time, if you don't know proper punching technique it doesn't matter how strong you are, you're not knocking people out.

The point I'm making is that Jon Jones could move to heavyweight if he wanted, and he'd grind up most of the guys in that division. Jon Jones would beat the piss out of almost all the UFC heavyweights. How many people out there think that Frank Mir would beat Jon Jones? Probably not that many if they've been paying attention, yet Mir is slated to fight for the UFC Heavyweight title next month. That tells you how weak the heavyweight division is compared to the light heavyweight division. Yes, Mir is a good fighter, but Jones is a great fighter. Mir is really good on the ground, but he'd have a hard time even getting the fight to the ground. Rashad Evans tried to take Jones down four times, and was unsuccessful every time. Rashad is a really good wrestler, when he fought at heavyweight he was able to take guys whenever he wanted. If he couldn't take Jones down, Mir would have a hard time as well.

I'm not suggesting every lighter fighter can beat a heavier fighter. However, there are certain fighters who transcend typical limitations. Jon Jones is one of those fighters. Guys like Jon Jones are able to do things that others can't. I've said for years that Anderson Silva could beat heavyweights, and I still believe that. Anderson Silva has superior technique. Physically, he's very good, but there's nothing there that jumps out and makes you step back. There's no area where he's head and shoulders above everyone else. The UFC is full of great athletes. Jon Jones has his incredible reach, that's huge; that's something that puts him above other fighters. However, he doesn't have the incredible technique that Silva has.

Indications are that Jones is advancing towards reaching that level, though. A lot of times, transcendent athletes struggle to achieve greatness without their natural ability. When the time comes that their natural ability isn't enough, because it's diminished with age or injury, they can't rely on technique and they fail. Mike Tyson is one of the most famous cases of this. Tyson was an average to below-average boxer, but he had amazing power and that aura of invincibility. It seems like Jones won't fail prey to this, though. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are examples of guys who had great natural ability, but worked on their technique so that when age or injury caught up with them, they were still able to perform at a high level.

I think Jon Jones will work on his technique and not just rely on natural ability. That's why I think that Jones will end up being as great as Anderson Silva, and probably even better. That's a long way off, though. I think that if Silva and Jones fought right now that Silva would win. That's not entirely fair, though, as Silva is a finished product. Silva has plateaued, while Jones is still on an upward curve.

Comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to me at


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Fantasy Baseball 2012: Hitters Watch List for April 30-May 6

Here's a countdown of eight premium hitters (and two slumping wild cards) who should fare well for the week of April 30-May 6.


National League

1. OF Matt Kemp, Dodgers

Baseball's biggest one-man, three-ring circus hits Coors Field and Wrigley Field this week on the hottest of hot streaks. At some point, Kemp (11 HRs, 24 RBI, 23 runs, two steals, .425 batting) will cool down to mortal levels; but there's no fun or glory in guessing when that will occur.


2. SS Starlin Castro, Cubs

The dynamic Castro (.326 batting, .430 OBP) is on pace for 70 steals this season. He has also supplanted Jose Reyes as the National League's No. 3 shortstop (behind Troy Tulowitzki/Hanley Ramirez).

Not bad for a kid on a fifth-place club that ranks dead-last in homers. The Cubs have a seven-game slate this week (Phillies, Reds, Dodgers).


3. 3B Pablo Sandoval, Giants

This may not be the year Sandoval breaks his personal best in steals (five), but his owners can alternatively revel in the Panda's club highs with runs (15), hits (28), doubles (five), homers (four) and RBI (14).

Put it all together, and we have plenty of reason to believe Sandoval's offensive magic will continue for the foreseeable future—especially against the Marlins and Brewers.


4. 2B Jose Altuve, Astros

Outside of Kemp, no other Senior circuit hitter had a better April than Altuve (one HR, 10 RBI, 15 runs, four steals, .373 batting, .984 OPS), universally the 17th second baseman taken in spring drafts.

At 5'5" and just 22 years old, it's easy to see why Altuve was largely overlooked on draft day. Bottom line: There are no more excuses with this explosive talent and his 12-homer/40-steal potential.

Houston takes on St. Louis and the New York Mets this week.


5. OF Shane Victorino, Phillies

Victorino has good production in four categories right now (four HRs, eight RBI, 11 runs, seven steals), but the .230 average does stick out like a sore thumb. 

Rest assured, though, as the Phillies get healthier and Victorino finds his summer groove, the across-the-board numbers will resemble that of seasons past. As a result, Victorino's an ideal trade target before Philly finishes its weekly run against Atlanta and Washington.


American League

1. OF Josh Hamilton, Rangers

There's a chance Hamilton (nine HRs, 25 RBI, 20 runs, two steals, .395 batting) may miss a game or two this week (back spasms)—but even if that's the case, who's to say he couldn't accomplish in four games what everyone else needs six or seven to reach?

That's how devastating Hamilton, the early choice for AL MVP, has been at the plate. He's just a notch below Matt Kemp.


2. OF Adam Jones, Orioles

 Jones (six HRs, 12 RBI, 17 runs, four steals, .330 batting) presents an interesting fight-or-flight scenario with his fantasy owners: Do they treat Jones as a sell-high commodity, knowing his seasonal pace in homers, runs, steals and batting average are way above career norms? Or is this brief sample a new template of expectations?

Yes, Jones is a gifted athlete and one of the 10 best center fielders in the game—but the differences between this year's white-hot start and previous campaigns are quite startling.


3. SS Derek Jeter, Yankees

I stopped trying to diminish Jeter's fantasy potential long ago, and I'm a better man for it. Even at the age of 37, even with 3,000 hits in his rear-view mirror, Jeter (.396 batting, 16 runs) continues to bring three-category excellence to a scarce position—at an inexpensive draft price.

Look for Jeter's success to spill over into his club's seven-game slate with the Orioles and Royals.


4. DH Billy Butler, Royals

 Speaking of Kansas City, it's certainly risky to assume Butler (.346 batting, three HRs, nine RBI, five runs since April 15) will crush Detroit and New York pitching this week.

But if everything goes to plan, Butler should avoid CC Sabathia and end up getting quality at-bats against Rick Porcello (Tigers) and Freddy Garcia (Yankees).


5. C/DH Jesus Montero, Mariners

 For good reason, Montero (three HRs, 12 RBI, six runs, .263 batting) hasn't attracted much publicity during the season, except from those pointing out how Seattle won the Montero/Michael Pineda swap by default (for 2012, at least).

But there's a reason why Montero was one of the top hitting prospects in February—and there's a reason why the Mariners just had to have him for the long haul. In the short term, Montero faces the Rays and Twins this week.

Jay Clemons can be reached on Twitter, day or night, at @ATL_JayClemons.


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Linker Get-Together

Wanna meet up with your Linker pals to watch some MMA? Or how about for a friendly training session? Even just for a beer or two? Well now you can.

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Announces from : MMALinker

This feeds is listing all the global announcements of : MMALinker

An MMA community for the fans, by the fans.


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Reach is overrated. Its more about footwork, timing and lateral movement.

Its lots of talk about reach-advantage when it comes down to a standup fight but i rarely see anyone utilize it to the point where it really matters.

Gustafsson, for example, have short reach when you look at the figures but hes tooling most of them in the standup.

In my opinion the standup diskussion should in general lean more towards footwork, timing and lateral movement.

Feel free to refer to a fight where the underdog have utilized the reach to the point of a win.

And discuss in general ofcourse.


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SHIDO Event 26 May - South African production

The next SHIDO Rise of the Warrior MMA event will be hosted at SHIDO's new training facilities in Centurion (2014 Hendrik Verwoerd Street South � Across McCarthy�s Mercedes Benz).

The event is scheduled for the 26th May 2012 and will include all types of MMA fighters from the morning (Mat fights) to the evening's action packed cage fights.

Categories included are:
� Juniors
o Male and Female
o �Light� and Full Contact
o All weight categories
� Seniors
Male and Female
o �Light� and Full Contact
o All weight categories • View topic - SHIDO Event 26 May (


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WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Results: Why Brock Lesnar Should Be Fired

WWE's Extreme Rules pay-per-view event was one of the strongest shows following WrestleMania in recent memory, however Brock Lesnar returning to the ring and jeopardizing John Cena's safety on more than one occasion during the main event was not one of Extreme Rules' higher points.

Before the IWC takes to the comment section and declares my love for Cena, I'm not a fan of the Massachusetts-born superstar, but nobody should have to step into the ring with a guy who seems intent on hurting you for real.

After watching the former UFC Champion bust open Cena's mouth for real a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, I had a gut feeling that Lesnar was going to go into the pay-per-view and not remember (or maybe, not care) that he's in the sports entertainment business again, and nobody is supposed to actually get hurt.

Even during his first stint with WWE, Lesnar wasn't the safest guy to get in the ring with, but after cutting open Cena's skull with blatant hard elbows in the first 10 seconds of the main event tonight and then locking in the kimura arm-bar so tight that the audio team's equipment caught Cena telling Lesnar to "ease up", the WWE brass needs to step in. 

It's never easy to tell what's scripted and what's not, but before the pay-per-view went off the air, it appeared WWE's posterboy did a "shoot," going unscripted and telling the Chicago fans in attendance "I've got no left arm, and I'm tasting my own blood." before explaining he was taking a break from the business.

Whether or not Cena was due for time off is irrelevant and beside the point. Nobody, whether their a big-name like Cena or not should have to step into the ring with Lesnar and feel like they just left the octagon. This isn't MMA and it doesn't appear that Lesnar understands that concept.

WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart has stated on more than one occasion, that one of the proudest things he accomplished in the wrestling industry was never once hurting an opponent of his, which is something everyone who laces up the boots should strive to match. Lesnar didn't strive towards keeping people safe his first time with WWE, and tonight showed that now that he's had a taste of the MMA world, it's doubtful he'll try to keep any of his opponents safe this time around either.

I somewhat understand why the higher ups within the WWE felt it was a good idea to bring back Lesnar. Thanks to the UFC, he had a larger fan base than during his time in wrestling, and after leaving the company, Lesnar didn't seem to have anything lined up right away so WWE jumped at the chance to bring one of its former big names back to into the squared circle.

While the idea makes sense business-wise, and some fans were obviously happy to see him back, having Lesnar back on the roster isn't worth one, two or three other wrestlers being out six months due to injuries from him. If anyone besides a superstar as big as Lesnar had pulled that tonight, there's a fair chance they'd have been fired already.

While I think the Minnesota-born superstar deserves to be shown the door after what he pulled at Extreme Rules, at the very least WWE management needs to sit him down and make sure he understands the difference between making holds look real, and breaking someone's arm.


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Brock takes UFC to WWE

Just wanted to post that Brock landed a real elbow to the head of Cena during some GnP in their match and really busted the guy open. Brock needs to...


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dana White: I Don�t Hate Fedor, but He�s Done

The name Fedor Emelianenko still gets brought up to UFC president Dana White just about any time he meets with the media, but he’s not...


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getting started in mma

ok so i have been wanting to get into mma but i have been going to school and now that im out i want to get started and i was wondering do u have to...


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Hector Lombard vs Brian Stann confirmed by Dana White, rumored for UFC on FOX 4 on Aug. 4 in Los Angeles


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NBA Playoffs 2012: How Derrick Rose's Injury Clears LeBron James' Path to Finals

Derrick Rose is out, which means the path to an NBA title has never been clearer for LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

Chicago still has what it takes to contend, and there's always Boston to consider, but the soon-to-be league MVP and his team are officially in the driver's seat.

The Heat are fresh off a romping of the New York Knicks, and arguably for the first time all season, appear genuinely interested.

That's because the postseason has arrived, a time when Dwyane Wade becomes intrigued and James has an additional slew of critics to go up against.

And make no mistake, the Bulls, more so than the Celtics, Knicks, Thunder and Spurs, were the greatest obstacle standing between the Heat and championship.

Miami split the season series with Chicago. Though the Bulls have proven to be a scrappy team without Rose on the floor, their chances against a LeBron-led Heat over a seven game series are less than favorable.

James is locked in, seemingly prepared to leave his inner postseason demons behind him. He tore apart the Knicks on both sides of the floor in just three quarters, scoring 32 points and grabbing two steals while shooting over 70 percent from the field.

There are only three players in the Eastern Conference who can be considered in the same class of performer as James. One, Wade, is his teammate. Another, Carmelo Anthony, was shut down by James himself on Saturday.

And then there's Rose, the 23-year-old prodigy who has drawn comparisons to Michael Jordan even amid his bouts with injury, the young gun who was believed to have the prolific athleticism necessary to overthrow the James-led Heat.

But he's been taken out of the equation, and now the path to James' first NBA title is as open as ever. Any potential excuses are out the window. Any serious roadblocks have been removed.

James and the Heat now live in an Eastern Conference that is built for them to waltz into the finals. They lost only three games on their road to the finals last year, including a routine mash-up of a Rose-included Bulls.

And what awaits them this season? A battered Knicks team? A fragile Celtics squad? A Bulls team down their best player?

They are not opponents to be taken lightly, but they are also not opponents that instill fear in Miami. And they shouldn't.

As long as James continues to embrace the spotlight, continues to thrive on the stage he's supposed to thrive on and avoids another playoff meltdown, the Heat are coming out of the Eastern Conference.

With Rose out, the NBA championship is now James' and the rest of the Heat's to lose.




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Fuel TV asks for fans patience as they work for wider availability

During last week's UFC on Fuel event, Cagereaders vented their frustration about the lack of availability of Fuel across the country and how they are missing out on fights, pre and post-fight shows and news magazine shows. One reader said he hasn't mis...


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Jose Aldo Vs. Erik Koch To Headline UFC 149


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Video: Fedor Emelianenko Talks UFC Vs. M1, Pedro Rizzo


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Pictures and Multimedia

Share pictures, videos, sounds, games, GIFs etc..

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"Fantasy" Fights

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Invicta FC 1: Coenen vs. Ruyssen Weigh-in Photos

Invicta FC 1: Coenen vs. Ruyssen Weigh-in Photo Gallery by Esther Lin.

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FX and UFC 'going to switch some things up' for future 'TUF' seasons

LAS VEGAS � While officials say they're satisfied with the first season of "The Ultimate Fighter: Live" on FX, changes are on the way....


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2012 NFL Draft: Why the New York Giants Are the Champions

There's a reason why championship clubs become the preeminent teams in their respective sports: they make the critical decisions in their front offices that translate to success on the field.

Coming off their Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, the New York Giants knew that they would not be able to retain everyone who had contributed to their most recent world championship. Most notably, the Giants lost running back Brandon Jacobs and wide receiver Mario Manningham during the off-season, but Giants' general manager Jerry Reese used this years NFL Draft to begin to set things right again.

"We drafted the best guys," Reese said following the conclusion of this year's event. "It just so happened some of the best guys were offensive guys this time."

The departure of Brandon Jacobs left a glaring need at running back, but the Giants used their first selection to quickly plug that hole with Virginia Tech running back David Wilson, a speedy, elusive runner of whom NFL analyst Mike Mayock said simply: "Great pick by the Giants."

Incredibly, the Giants actually scored less points last season than they surrendered, and the loss of wide receivers Mario Manningham (to San Francisco) and Devin Thomas (to Chicago) was going to further decimate the offense in the coming season. With that concern in mind, the Giants picked LSU wide receiver Rueben Randle with their second selection, supplementing the acquisition of tight end Martellus Bennett via free agency. Bennett's signing is directly due to the health issues of tight ends Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum, and the Giants moved to address those concerns by using their 4th-round pick (127 overall) to nab tight end Adrien Robinson from the University of Cincinnati.

"Adrien Robinson is a guy who we really like athletically," said Coach Tom Coughlin. "We think he can develop." It was a sentiment echoed by general manager Jerry Reese, who added, "The sky is the limit for that guy."

While the early half of the Giants' draft selections addressed clearly-identified needs, good management is proactive rather than reactive. With the potential looming for the Giants to lose Kareem McKenzie, Stacy Andrews or Tony Ugoh from the offensive line, Jerry Reese used two consecutive picks to grab Auburn's Brandon Mosley (4th round, 131 overall) and Matt McCants (6th round, 201 overall) from UAB to bolster the offense.

Clearly, the emphasis for the Giants in this year's draft was offense, but with the free agent losses of cornerback Aaron Ross to Jacksonville and defensive end Dave Tollefson to Oakland, the Giants utilized their 3rd and 7th round selections, respectively, to re-stock the cupboard.

Defensive back Jayron Hosley from Virginia Tech is considered a skilled zone corner with a solid reputation for delivering hard hits and will address the void left by Ross, while the Giants used their final pick in the draft to select Markus Kuhn from North Carolina State to supplement the uncertainty created with Tollefson's departure to the Raiders, and the still-unsettled contract situation of Osi Umenyiora.

Of course, success in the NFL is a double-edged sword. While winning the Super Bowl is the pinnacle to which all teams aspire, it also means that your organization will occupy the 32nd spot in the upcoming draft.

"From a standpoint of drafting where we were at the bottom of the round, each round, and remaining there," explained Head Coach Tom Coughlin, "I think we have addressed some of the circumstances that we had to address with quality, quality people. We got some more firepower, and that is what we are trying to do—create more opportunities for ourselves to have playmakers everywhere at every spot. Whoever goes on the field gives us a chance to score and make a big play."

And that is how champions get it done.


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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jose Aldo Vs. Erik Koch To Headline UFC 149


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PELKEY: Despite long shadow cast by Jon Jones, two of MMA's other "phenoms" on display at UFC 145

By Matt Pelkey, MMATorch Columnist

Jon Jones defended his title for the third time Saturday night, besting Rashad Evans in all five rounds (I don't know what two of those judges saw, that was a clean sweep) to win a unanimous decision. Ho-hum. Jones was a huge favorite going in and the only real surprise about the fight was that he couldn't finish "Sugar" Rashad. Spectacular as it is to so summarily beat down your closest rival, it was a virtual workmanlike performance for Jonny "Bones."

This was a one fight card going in. All the hype (and rightfully so) was placed on the main event. It was Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans and... eleven other fights. That's not to say there weren't quality match-ups up and down the card (hell, Matt Brown vs. Stephen Thompson would've been the co-main event of most Fight Night Live events on Spike. Here it wasn't even the main event of the prelims), but about the top eight fights below the main event felt basically interchangeable. Well, except for two. Two fights on the UFC 145 undercard felt a little different. Not because they were exciting stylistic match-ups (they were), but because they featured two of the "next wave" of MMA fighters. The leaders of the new generation, if you will.

While Jon Jones was creating all they hype and soaking up all the attention at UFC 145, two guys were the lucky beneficiaries of all the added eyes on the event. First up was Michael "Mayday" McDonald. Mayday was already 3-0 in his young UFC career, but it wasn't until his last fight, a first round TKO victory over Alex Soto at UFC 139, that fans finally got a glimpse of the talent possessed by McDonald. His reward for that performance? A slot on the main card of UFC 145 opposite former WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres. And man did McDonald make the most of the opportunity.

At only 21, this was easily the biggest fight of his career. Hell, it was his first time on the main card in the UFC. He stayed patient against the former champ, darting in and out with successful combination, and then used two perfectly place right uppercuts to put Torres to sleep. It was surely an eye-opening performance for those seeing him fight for the first time, but it only reaffirmed what the rest of us already knew: this guy is a stud. And its not just his KO power. He's good on the ground too, and he's big enough and strong enough, and his wrestling is good enough, to keep the fight upright if he so chooses. I'm not saying he's ready for a title shot, that's a lot to ask of a fighter so young, but with such a dynamic set of skills, such and exciting style, and in a division so starved for contenders, he can't be far off. Renan Barao is in need of a dance partner while Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz settle their score. Beat him half as impressively as he just took out Miguel Torres, and the Cruz-Faber winner will be looking at their next challenger.

In the co-main event was the other young phenom on the card. Rory MacDonald (hmmm... must be something in the name) hadn't fought since last August, injury layoffs being a recurring theme in his early career, but he clearly was spending that time working on his game. Against Che Mills on Saturday, MacDonald was at his best to date. After absorbing a couple of good punches from Mills, MacDonald calmly took him down and out of his element. He passed guard easily, he controlled position completely, and he rained down some of the most accurate and brutal ground-and-pound in the sport. And he did it for two rounds. Mercifully, Mario Yamasaki called and end to the carnage midway through the second round.

Now, look, I realize I have to temper my excitement and expectations over someone dominating Che Mills on the mat, but we've seen MacDonald absolutely demolish his opposition thus far, and yes, that includes interim UFC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit. MacDonald gassed completely in the third, but he was still just seven seconds away from taking home that victory. Since then he tossed around current lightweight contender Nick Diaz like a ragdoll, and gave longtime vet Mike Pyle the, well... let's just call it the "Che Mills treatment" from now on.

Rory MacDonald, despite being a year and a half older than Michael McDonald, finds himself in a more beneficial position within his division. While, skill-wise, he might actually be ready for the very top of the welterweight heap, there's no need to rush him to the title picture right now. Welterweight, as always, is stacked and teeming with guys looking for their "shot." MacDonald is, however, ready for a severe step up in competition. One win over a top-ten opponent would bring the memories of his first two rounds against Condit flooding back quickly. Like Mayday, Rory is only one big win away shoving his foot in the door of the title picture.

On another card, these fights might've stood out more, out from the shadow of the Jon Jones-Rashad Evans spectacle, but it's unlikely they would've been seen by more eyes. Jon Jones may be one of a kind, but he's the torch-bearer for the young, uber-talented fighters coming into the sport right now. It was a nice synergy having the M(a)cDonalds have their breakout performances on a card he headlined.


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UFC on Fox 3's Nate Diaz believes bout with Jim Miller to determine No. 1 contender at lightweight

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

The UFC heads to network television for a third time next weekend when UFC on Fox 3 comes live from the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, N.J. Capping off the four-fight main card is the lightweight bout between Jim Miller and Nate Diaz, and it may just provide the UFC with their next UFC Lightweight Title challenger.

At least, that's how Nate Diaz sees things.

"That's what I was told was happening," Diaz said ahead of next week's event (via "I don't see who else would get a title shot."

There are certainly others in the 155 lb. division who would contest that notion, notably Anthony Pettis, who is the only fighter on the UFC's roster who holds a victory over current Champion Ben Henderson. With Henderson's rematch against Frankie Edgar still not on the docket, there would seem to be more time for that challenger to be determined, but Diaz still feels either he or Miller will be in line after next weekend.

For Diaz, his case would be bolstered by consecutive wins over top names in Donald Cerrone and now Miller should he pick up the win. For Miller, after a submission win over Melvin Guillard in January, a win over Diaz would add another name to his list, and his only career losses remain to top competitors in Henderson, Edgar, and Gray Maynard.

Penick's Analysis: Diaz can believe that all he wants, but I don't think the winner of this fight will be sitting around waiting for a title shot. Henderson and Edgar aren't likely to have their rematch until August, giving plenty of time for the winner of this fight to take one more fight before getting a shot. What would make a ton of sense is to book the winner of this fight against Anthony Pettis when Pettis returns from shoulder surgery this summer. If that fight were to take place close to when the Lightweight Title bout takes place, it will provide a clear number one contender instead of having several fighters with a claim.


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Mark Munoz vs. Chris Weidman headlines UFC on Fuel 4 on July 11

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

The UFC's fourth event on Fuel TV has a headliner, as middleweights Mark Munoz and Chris Weidman will square off on July 11, likely in San Diego, Calif.

The date and event were announced during Tuesday's UFC Tonight program on Fuel TV, though the bout itself has been in the works for some time. The date is on the calendar for the California State Athletic Commission, with the HP Pavilion being tapped as the site for the card, though the UFC hasn't officially announced the city and venue.

Munoz returns for the first time since a November win over Chris Leben. He was supposed to face Chael Sonnen at UFC on Fox 2 in January, but an injury took him from the card. His injury led to an opportunity for Weidman, as Michael Bisping moved into Munoz's spot, and Weidman replaced him against Demian Maia.

Weidman then notched his fourth straight UFC win in under a year, and moved his young undefeated record to 8-0.

Penick's Analysis: This is a good fight, and made the most sense for each fighter with the fights that were already booked in the division. As a Fuel TV headliner, it's right up there with what the UFC has brought to the network thus far, and it will make for a good mid-week main event for the UFC.


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Tom Compton to Redskins: Video Highlights, Scouting Report and Analysis

Tom Compton may be unknown to many after four years playing for the University of South Dakota, but he is ready to make a name for himself in the NFL

The 6'5", 314-pound Compton excelled and started in all four of his seasons with the Coyotes. In that time, he was a three-time All-Great West selection, earning an honorable mention in 2009 followed by being named to the first team in 2010 and 2011. Last year, Compton was named the Great West Conference offensive lineman of the year and an FCS All-American.

According to, "he has shown the efficiency, smarts, and athletic ability to survive at the next level."

Compton's strengths lie in his nearly perfect footwork. He is quick off the ball and can use angles effectively to get upfield on linebackers while not letting his man get behind him. Compton also plays with good leverage and has the ability to drive the defender off the line of scrimmage.

Compton possesses long arms that boast a nearly 34-inch reach and solid hands in pass protection. According to, Compton had a great practice week at the East-West Shrine Game. At the combine, meanwhile, he was one of the top performers at his position in the 40-yard dash (5.03 seconds), 20-yard shuttle (4.6 seconds), vertical jump (30"), broad jump (108") and 3-cone drill (7.59 seconds). 

As with everyone, Compton isn't without his weaknesses. He only faced top-tier competition twice at South Dakota, playing against Minnesota and Wisconsin in recent seasons. He's not very explosive as a run-blocker, as he is more of a finesse blocker who sustains his blocks as opposed to knocking his man over. When it comes to pass-protection, Compton's footwork, while impeccable, can also cause him to lunge at his defender, which often leads to missed blocks. He will also struggle at times with NFL-caliber speed off of the edges. 


Pick Analysis

The big fella from South Dakota will give the Washington Redskins more depth on the offensive line and could even be ready to thrive in pass protection. The problem is a lack of explosiveness off the line that makes him a less effective run blocker. That said, the athleticism and footwork are there so Compton has a good foundation on which to build.


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Stand Up

Punch, jab, and combinations. MMA standup technique. What works for you?

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UFC 148 People's Champions Commercial

Jaycen ‏ @JaycenD
Hi @danawhite @UFC, can I get 2 victorious People's Champions: @sonnench & @TitoOrtiz w/ xtra hype, a belt on one & a HOF ring on...


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UFC Ultimate Fighter Live Results & Discussion Thread: Episode Eight


Kenny Florian Min Soo Kim Roman Webber Wu Haotian Daniel Puder

Stand Up

Punch, jab, and combinations. MMA standup technique. What works for you?

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UFC on Fuel TV 4 Targeted for San Jose

It appears the UFC is headed back to the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

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An MMA community for the fans, by the fans.

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Hopkins Dawson Mitchell chazz media roundtable quotes

Hopkins-Dawson roundtable quotes; Royal Albert Hall running order (

Ppv or regular hbo


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Friday, April 27, 2012

UFC on Fuel TV 4 Targeted for San Jose

It appears the UFC is headed back to the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

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The War Zone

Discuss current and past fights from all MMA Events.

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Report: Paul Taylor Vs. Anthony Njokauni At UFC On Fuel 4


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UFC on FUEL TV 2 drug test results come back clean for 'Gustafsson vs Silva' on April 14 in Sweden


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WWE SmackDown! Taping Draws 1,600 Paying Customers

Last Tuesday’s SmackDown! taping in Toledo, Ohio was one of the worst attended WWE events in years as it drew 3,200 fans, with only 1,600 paid.
Following the event’s poor advance, WWE only sold tickets facing the camera so the Huntington Center would appear full on television. SLAM! Wrestling columnist Matt Bishop, who attended the event, described the venue’s appearance: “Tuesday’s tapings of WWE Smackdown, Superstars and NXT wasn’t notable because of what happened in the ring, but rather because of what was happening outside the ringside area. Or more appropriately, ...


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UFC Responds to Ad Age Report; Mandates Sensitivity Training and Use of Social Media

UFC responds to public statement from Anheuser-Busch over concerns about fighter remarks with mandatory sensitivity training and schooling on use of social media.

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Jake Shield average stand up....

How come his stand up doesn't look fluid

He has been training full time for more than a decade and he has good strikers to train with like the Diaz...


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Big Nog says he'll probably Stand and Trade with Kongo

Source: Minotauro espera luta em pé e muita trocação contra Kongo | (

Will try and translate the important bits...

"Minotauro expects a standup fight against Kongo"

"I believe it will be a very good fight. Kongo is a tough, competitive dude, who knows how to fight standing. People who like too see two guys standing and trading will like this fight, but I believe I have the advantage on the ground. I'm already feeling really good after my injury, which was very serious, and the surgery. My recovery went a lot better than expected. I'll either try to knock him out or submit him. I'm confident."

"I'm positive he might try to land a kick or something where I suffered my injury. He has to do his job, hasn't he? But I'll be well prepared for takedown attempts and I'll manage to absorb all of his kicks. I have that in my mind already."

"I really wanted to fight in Brazil but there was no time. But if something changes in that card, who knows? It attracted me very much. Anyway, the fans in Canada are among the most receptive. Just like in Brazil or Japan, I have a lot of fans from Canada following me through Twitter."

*WAR NOG*, but is that the best gameplan for this fight? He sure seems very confident.



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Jon Jones Says Alexander Gustafsson is Close to a Title Shot

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones talks about Alexander Gustafsson's status as a 205-pound contender.

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