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Rashad Evans comments on Jon Jones' DWI, hopes he move on and "be a great Champion"

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Rashad Evans has been highly critical of his former friend and protege Jon Jones over the last year, attacking his public persona and calling him out on being a very different person behind the scenes. The two somewhat buried the hatchet into their fight at UFC 145, with the talk growing thin after such a long time, but in the wake of Jones' DWI in New York, Evans certainly had some thoughts on the subject.

However, while it wasn't something that necessarily surprised Evans, his response to the situation may itself be surprising to some.

"Honestly, it's hard to really say if it surprised me," Evans said on Tuesday's "UFC Tonight" on Fuel TV (transcribed by "I just hate to see that happen to him, or to anybody, for that matter. Some people really could have got hurt. Thankfully, nobody did get hurt. Hopefully, he learned his lesson from it, and he can continue to move on and be a great Champion."

Penick's Analysis: It's a nice sentiment from Evans, a former rival and also former friend of Jones. With no one being hurt, the key - as we've stressed here since it happened - is that it doesn't happen again. So long as Jones moves on from this and it's not something that repeats itself this can be an unfortunate and regrettable footnote in his history.

[Rashad Evans art by Grant Gould (c)]


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Can someone who has never won the title make the HOF?

I say yes.
Everyone knows the UFC HOF is a joke (mask?) but IMO it would add to its legitimacy to include guys who were staples of the division in their prime, even if they never won the belt. Many NFL, MLB, and NBA Hall of Famers never won titles yet they undeniably deserved to be in the Hall. Its not only his work in the ring that counts either. He's helped the UFC in so many ways whether its going on interviews as an intelligent, eloquent ambassador for MMA, or sitting ringside as a color commentator.

C'mon. Youre going to tell me that Mask has contributed more to the UFC than Kenny Florian.


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Stand Up

Punch, jab, and combinations. MMA standup technique. What works for you?

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UFC Champ Jon Jones' Mugshot From DWI Arrest


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Judo and Gracie Barra unite!

Cross train
Judo and Gracie Barra BJJ Meet in San Jose State - YouTube (


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Dana White: Strikeforce not going anywhere, Gilbert Melendez "will fight again on Showtime"

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

With a depleted roster following its acquisition by Zuffa, Strikeforce continues to face questions of its validity as a fight promotion. With ratings lower than the last couple of years on Showtime, and bloated fighter contracts out-spending gate receipts, there's been a growing mindset that it's only a matter of time before the one-time competitor is absorbed fully by the UFC.

Not so fast, says UFC President Dana White.

"Strikeforce is not going anywhere," White said in an interview with Ron Kruck for HDNet's Inside MMA. "Strikeforce is performing very well for Showtime. They love the business, it's not going anywhere."

Furthermore, Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez isn't going anywhere, either. Despite complaints of his level of opposition and a lack of motivation fighting said opposition, Melendez will remain in Strikeforce for the time being.

"Gilbert Melendez is a huge star over there," White said. "He's their guy. He just won again, and he will fight again on Showtime."

As for who Melendez will face next, or whether there's any possibility of an opponent being brought over from the UFC, White simply left the door open for anything.

"We'll see, I don't know who he's going to fight next, but anything is possible," he said. "We'll see what happens."

Penick's Analysis: Showtime must have some real lowered expectations, and Zuffa must be alright with much lower live audiences and gates for Strikeforce if they're considering the first half of the year as "performing very well." It's been passable, sure, but "very well" seems like more than an optimistic outlook on things. White continues to leave the door open for a UFC opponent moving over for Melendez, but it's seemed pretty clear that no one in the UFC is interested in moving over to Strikeforce. Where they go from here remains to be seen, but it would still be surprising for a lot of people if Strikeforce is still around this time next year.


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The Microscope: Miami's Supporting Cast Steps Up (and More)

The Microscope is your recurring look at the NBA's small-scale developments—the rotational curiosities, skill showcases, coaching decisions, notable performances and changes in approach that make the league go 'round.

Filling roles, making shots, bucking criticism

The Miami Heat's supporting cast is said to be lacking and limited, and on some nights the on-court product corroborates; there have certainly been occasions when Miami's role players altogether failed to cobble together the necessary production, and in terms of the most traditional means of bench assessment, Miami definitely comes up short.

The Heat are lacking in all of the usual reserve archetypes; they have no high-scoring sixth man, no athletic big to change the dynamic of the game, no spark plug point guard to infuse the team with energy, and even a lack of applicable veteran wisdom in their ranks. They merely have a group of reasonably capable players, providing an comparably dull border for the team's brilliant centerpieces.

But that superficially underwhelming supporting cast came up huge in Game 2, even while compensating for the absence of Chris Bosh. Mario Chalmers was well upstaged by a spectacular Rajon Rondo, but was fantastic in his own right as both an accurate spot-up shooter and a steady ball-handler. Shane Battier again shifted seamlessly between various positions, and did a particularly good job of making the extra pass on the offensive end. Udonis Haslem notched a double-double in under 30 minutes of action, and was responsible for some of the Heat's most timely baskets.

They succeeded without stepping out of themselves; Miami's role players played comfortably within their assigned functions, and collectively they gave LeBron James and Dwyane Wade perfectly sufficient support in a tightly contested game. This group gets roasted on nights when their shots aren't falling or the defense mitigates their impact, but the Heat -- as an entire team -- did a terrific job on Wednesday night, and the credit for that goes well beyond the two most notable performers.

Doc Rivers and Rajon Rondo, patron saints of the lob

The NBA has seen many players specifically skilled in setting up their teammates for alley-oops (Andre Miller might be one of the greatest of all time in that regard), and many coaches willing to draw up plays using the lob as a weapon. But Rajon Rondo is a particularly effective practitioner of this kind of lofty, soaring pass, and Doc Rivers is perhaps the best around at engineering sets to create the opportunities that allow them.

Kevin Garnett isn't anything resembling an elite finisher at his advanced age, but during his time as a Celtic, the potential for the Rondo-to-KG oop provided a brilliant counter for Ray Allen's sprawling routes and Paul Pierce's more immediate threat. Often we'd see Garnett set screens for one player or another before working around a pick or two set for his behalf, and before the defense untangles the danger from the decoys, the ball is sailing overhead and Garnett is set for an uncontested look above the rim.

What the Rivers-Rondo combination might someday be able to concoct with a springier finisher is an intriguing though, albeit not one alluring enough to overlook how successful Garnett has been in that capacity. There's a tremendous chemistry between Rondo and Garnett on these plays, but both have been empowered by the script Rivers has so carefully written.

Miami, using LeBron James more and more as a screener

Just a little nugget worth keeping in mind as the Heat trudge onward in this series: Miami is using LeBron James more and more as a high screener, and the potency of the Wade-James pick-and-roll pairing in particular is absolutely intoxicating. 

It's unlikely that James could roll into the paint and actually have enough space to catch and finish in such a scenario, but that's exactly the point; using James as a screener draws a lot of attention (and switches) that the Heat can subsequently exploit, and when Wade is also involved in the play, it momentarily makes the Celtics extremely vulnerable to two of the league's most effective scorers at once.

If the Celtics cling too hard in their defense of James, Wade can attack the slightest opening without mercy. If they allow James to roll or float into open space, he positions himself well to advance the ball -- be it by drive or pass -- against a defense caught in rotation. It's an incredibly difficult sequence to cover when these two stars are involved, and though James handles the ball too often for this to become a staple of Miami's offense, it's clearly been a point of emphasis against the Celtics' defensive coverage.


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Cung Le vs Patrick Cote!

Image: Image:


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Matt Brown in for Matt Riddle against Luis Ramos at UFC on FX 4

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Following a three-fight losing streak in 2010, UFC welterweight Matt Brown has turned things around with three wins in his last four fights. Now, he'll try to win his third straight on short notice as he steps in for Matt Riddle at UFC on FX 4 later this month.

Brown tweeted the news on Wednesday. He'll step up to take on Luis Ramos, who hopes to bounce back from a 40 second knockout loss to Erick Silva in his UFC debut.

UFC on FX 4 takes place on June 22 from the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., headlined by the lightweight bout between Gray Maynard and Clay Guida.


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Tottenham Hotspur: Evaluating Central Defensive Options Alongside Jan Vertonghen

Tottenham Hotspur have never hidden their interest in signing Ajax defender Jan Vertonghen, just as Vertonghen himself has never hidden his in joining Harry Redknapp’s side.

Conflicting rumors have arisen on exactly what state the transfer is currently in, but the latest news from the Vertonghen camp is that Spurs and Ajax just can’t agree on a transfer fee.

With Vertonghen’s eyes still seemingly set on a switch to White Hart Lane, all that remains is for the Tottenham hierarchy to compromise on a price with his current club.

But even if Vertonghen does make the move to Spurs, what should he expect at White Hart Lane?

More specifically, what should he expect from his potential central defensive partners?

Let’s look at the five centre-back options currently at Redknapp’s disposal and how they’d fare alongside Vertonghen—and, as usual, feel free to have your say in the comments below.

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MMA Mind Power: Who Powered Up at UFC 146?

the UFC 146card looked good on paper and it certainly looked even better in the cage. Some came out winners, some fell short!

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NBA Draft Lottery 2012: Kevin Durant and the 12 Greatest Lottery Steals Ever

The NBA draft lottery has come and gone and the New Orleans Hornets are on the clock at No. 1. The top pick isn't always a lock and guys like Kevin Durant are a great example. Let's look at the greatest steals in NBA lottery history!

For the context of this slideshow, this is post-1994 when the lottery system that we use today was adopted and a lottery pick is considered a top-14 pick.

A steal can be getting a great pick at No. 14 that nobody expected or it can be a quality player falling because the teams above made a poor choice.

Let's get started! 

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Orleans Hornets Win Lottery: Let the Conspiracy Theories Begin

Get out your tin foil hat Mr. Stone and see if you can make a screen play for this one. A franchise that is owned by the NBA gets the first pick in the draft, which gives that franchise the chance to pick one of the most transcendent big men to come out of the NCAA in years.

And, to get that pick, the team had to win a lottery that it had just over a 13% chance of winning. Too implausible? Perhaps until Wednesday night when the NBA-owned New Orleans Hornets did just that. The Hornets were predicted to pick fourth, but moved up to first with the "random lottery".

The NBA has sold the team to Tom Benson, owner of the Saints, but he has not yet taken full ownership or control of the team. Could the team have promised Mr. Benson the number one pick in exchange for his purchase of the struggling Hornets and promise to keep the team in New Orleans—a city he has tried to evacuate with his Saints.

We don't know and can't know. The only person who knows is the guy who froze the envelope in the 1985 draft lottery that gave the first pick to the New York Knicks so they could select another can't-miss-big-man: Patrick Ewing.

Oh, and that dog from the Bush's Baked Beans commercial might know something.

None of this can be confirmed of-course, which is why it is only a conspiracy. But lack of proof won't stop disappointed Bobcat fans from crying foul. Bobcat fans will almost certainly point to the NBA's effort to stop the trade of the Hornets top star to the LA Lakers earlier this season.

But, if the Bobcats want to turn things around they can't start by blaming the NBA. It was not a conspiracy that gave them the worst winning percentage in NBA history. This is a deep draft and the Bobcats have plenty of good players to choose from. But, given their lack of stellar moves in past drafts, they probably needed a sure thing like Anthony Davis to fall into their lap.

That said, the only conspiracy that Bobcat fans need to be worried about is the one that allows MJ to make personnel decisions.


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Derek Jeter Can No Longer Carry the New York Yankees for a Full Season

Ever see the movie Catch Me If You Can?

If you haven't, there's a running gag in that movie in which the characters ask why the Yankees always win, and the first response is because they have Mickey Mantle.

If they were to re-make that movie in a modern setting (i.e. with iPhones, robots, flying cars, etc.), the line would be that the Yankees always win because they have Derek Jeter. He's the heart of the team, and he's been the heart of the team for close to two decades at this point.

I'm not about to challenge Jeter's status as the heart and soul of the Yankees. That would be foolish, and I'd rather not have to deal with Yankees fans throwing bricks through my window.

I will, however, say this: Jeter is no longer capable of carrying the Yankees on his back. They've become too heavy, and his back has become too old.

I'm well aware that Jeter is having a good season. He entered Wednesday night's contest against the Los Angeles Angels with a .338 batting average and five home runs, numbers that look pretty good seeing as how he hit just .297 with six home runs all of last season.

I'm also well aware that Jeter's hot start this season is not necessarily a fluke, as he finished the 2011 season with a .327 batting average in 257 at-bats after the All-Star break. Jeter has been hot ever since July of 2011, and he's put all of the age concerns to rest in the process.

Except not. Things aren't as rosy as they seem.

Jeter has good numbers this season, but that's thanks mainly to his outstanding month of April. In May, he's hitting just .295. In his last 18 games, he's hitting just .256 with one extra-base hit and three RBI.

This slump has happened under the radar, and that's because all eyes have been on the slumping bat of Alex Rodriguez and the struggles of the Yankees' pitching staff. Compared to the other slumps plaguing the Yankees, Jeter's looks rather petty by comparison.

Because it's gotten lost in the shuffle, few have bothered to realize the harsh reality of Jeter's slump:

He looks old. As old as he did before the 2011 All-Star break and, well, pretty much the entire 2010 season.

Come to think of it, Jeter's 2012 season is starting to resemble his 2010 season pretty closely. That year, he hit .330 with four home runs in April. He basically picked up where he left off in 2009, a year in which he hit .334 and was consistently good for the entire season. But from the start of May straight through to the end of the season in 2010, Jeter hit a mere .260.

What we've learned about Jeter since the start of the 2010 season is this: He can still hit, just not consistently for a full season. The numbers don't lie (they rarely do).

Jeter's hitting isn't the only thing that's declined in the last two-plus seasons. In 2009, he quietly had a very good defensive season, as he posted a respectable 6.4 UZR and three defensive runs saved. Since the start of 2010, his defense has been atrocious. So far this year, he has a -9.2 UZR and -7 defensive runs saved.

If you want the short version of this long story, here it is: Jeter is not an impact player anymore. If his name wasn't Derek Jeter, he'd be just another guy in pinstripes, and he'd probably be hearing the boo birds on a semi-regular basis at Yankee Stadium.

The bright side is that Jeter is still very much of use to the Yankees as a sort of figurehead. He's the captain of the team. His teammates are supposed to rally behind him, and they trust him to lead by example (even if he can't do that anymore).

Regardless of what he does at the plate or in the field, this is a role Jeter has to keep playing. He may not be able to play like Derek Jeter anymore, but he can help the Yankees as long as keeps being Derek Jeter. He can still lead this team by virtue of his name and his number, and damn the stats.

Leading, for the record, is not the same as carrying. Carrying a team means doing it all by yourself. Leading a team means holding up your end of the bargain and getting a lot of help from your teammates. The road goes both ways, as opposed to just one way.

Goodness knows Jeter could use some help from the rest of the 2012 Yankees. This Yankees team is as flat and as mediocre as any Yankees team I can remember, and their problems are legitimate problems. There are a lot of small numbers attached to players with very big contracts, and the team as a whole has looked like the walking dead since Mariano Rivera was lost for the season. The month of May has been pretty rough.

We've seen the Yankees pull this kind of trick before. Many times, in fact, yet they've always found a way to turn things around. Jeter has always been there to help, as he's been a kind of crutch for the Yankees to lean on when times got tough.

They can't ask him to be that guy anymore. He might be able to keep the Yankees afloat in spurts, but not for a whole 162-game season.

If these Yankees want to win this season, they need to come to their captain's aid. He's no longer capable of coming to theirs.


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UFC Show Set for Nottingham, England

The UFC will make its return to the United Kingdom on September 29 with a show slated for Nottingham, UK at the Capital FM Arena which can hold up to 10,000 spectators.

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MLB 2012 Playoffs: What the Colorado Rockies Need to Become Legit MLB Contenders

What can I say about the Colorado Rockies this year that Buck Nasty has not already said about Afghanistan, “[they] look bombed out and depleted.” 

The team currently stands at 19-29, which is the fourth worst record in baseball, placing them 12.5 games out of first place in the National League West. 

With no one playing particularly well at this time, there is very little chance of the Rockies making another miraculous playoff run. Even though it is still early in the season and history tell us no one should write off the Rockies. 

The question seems to be how does the team, as well as the front office, get things moving in the right direction, and put the franchise in contention for playoff spots in the future.

The most obvious hole on the roster is, without a doubt, the bullpen. It has been a glaring weakness for the Rockies throughout their entire existence as a franchise. 

In fact, the lowest club ERA for any season is 4.66, which happened in 2006. Outside of Ubaldo Jimenez, we have never employed the likes of an all-star pitcher.

Even he, who was seemingly delivered to us on a purple, black, and silver platter, was not offered a long-term contract after his all-star season.

In short, the first step towards making the Rockies a contender is finally spending big money for a big pitcher who can win upwards of 15 to 20 games a season.

The team did pick up Jeremy Guthrie last season. He is a fairly reliable pitcher that has shown flashes of brilliance during his young career.

However, he is going to need serious help on the mound other than De La Rosa, Chacin, and Nicasio if the Rockies want to consistently contend in the National League.

Currently, it seems as though the Rockies don’t have the necessary pieces to successfully conduct a trade for a top-flight pitcher. Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki are much too valuable to the future success of the team to deal away.

Todd Helton is getting older and ultimately losing some of his trade value. Michael Cuddyer was just signed to a three-year, $31.5 million deal with the team, making it unlikely the front office will put him on the trading block. Dexter Fowler is still developing his swing and overall game. 

Everyone else on the roster does not have the kind of talent needed to trade for an ace pitcher. 

Nevertheless, the Rockies cannot continue to rely on their farm system for a pitching staff.  They have done very well in the past plucking talent from minor league teams.

However, in order to become perennial playoff contenders, the team needs a veteran arm with some nasty pitches in his arsenal.

With few trade options available, the team must look to free agency. De La Rosa and Gutherie will end up there if not re-signed before the end of the season.

Looking at the list of possible free agents in 2013, there are a number of pitchers who would bring excitement to the Mile High City. 

While Cole Hamels, Roy Oswalt, and Zach Greinke are a bit of a stretch, they are exactly the type of player the Rockies needs to turn around their bullpen and help develop some of their young pitching talent. 

Baring these superstar additions, there are still a number of lesser-celebrated pitchers who will become available at the end of this season.  Francisco Liriano, Ervin Santana, Edwin Santana or even Carlos Zambrano would bring some much-needed talent and confidence to the starting rotation in Denver.

Despite their poor start this year, the Rockies do have a legitimate foundation from which to build upon. 

Signing both Cargo and Tulo to 10-year, $100 million deals is a clear step in the right direction.  However, the front office must be willing to spend more money in order for the team to reach that upper echelon of MLB teams.

The Rockies have done surprisingly well in regards with their pay roll—they currently rank ninth- lowest in the league—but still lack the depth and consistency of many of their competitors.

The franchise can hope to catch fire again like they did during their unforgettable 2007 playoff run. Or, they can choose to revamp their process of evaluating talent, go after proven players with long-standing records of success in the MLB and build a more consistent team that regularly makes the playoffs.

Doting Denver fans deserve better, and it all starts in the front office. They can no longer be content simply selling seats and jerseys.

The loyal fans want a championship, or at the very least a legit contender. The only way to ensure this for the Rockies to open their checkbooks.     


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TUF 15 Finale: Cristiano Marcello vs Sam Sicilia

Image: Image:...


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Dana White discusses potential for Brock Lesnar to fight in UFC while with the WWE

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

If Brock Lesnar does indeed make a return to the UFC later this year, he'll be splitting time between MMA and his contracted responsibilities with the WWE. That would trump the deal made by TNA and Bellator Fighting Championships earlier this month to bring in Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal for just that purpose.

The UFC has avoided the pro wrestling connections in MMA, not wanting to "blur the lines" between sport and entertainment (regardless of them being one and the same), but with Lesnar they may go ahead with it.

"I think people get it now with Brock," White said after the UFC 146 press conference (transcribed by "Brock is a huge WWE star and a huge UFC star. He is accomplished at both. Will King Mo be that guy? I don't know. I think it takes a very special person to do wrestling and to be able to do MMA."

Still, White was noncommittal on the subject on Saturday night, but conversations will be at least taking place on that front.

"I don't know, we've got to talk and see what's going on," White said. "Well, he went back to the WWE it's no secret. Big people get it, there's nothing fake going on over here. It's real. I don't know we'll see."

Penick's Analysis: It would make sense to have Lesnar fight Frank Mir a third time, but what that accomplishes for the UFC is a one-time payoff, and if Lesnar's just coming back for one more payday that may not be something they're interested in. We'll see how this develops, but it's certainly less crazy than it seemed on Saturday night.

[Brock Lesnar art by Grant Gould (c)]


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Ground Game

Wrestling, jujitsu, ground and pound or submit your opponent for the victory

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BJ Penn ?Warming Up? to a UFC Return

B.J. Penn is warming up to the idea of stepping out of retirement and back into the UFC Octagon.

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MOORE: Booking the UFC's September Return to the UK

By: Dan Moore, MMATorch UK Contributor

The UFC is coming back to the UK on September 29, so I thought what the hell, why not play Joe Silva for the day and see what I can come up with to entertain the MMA diehards who'll be in attendance. I've tried to pick realistic fights for this Nottingham event. I haven't picked unrealistic match ups like Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones, however much I'd love to see that live. Every fight I've selected has been carefully considered (well I thought about each one for five minutes, so does that count?). I've taken into account previous results, fighter reputation and current UFC standing, and most importantly, whether or not the fighters already have a fight scheduled too close to Sept 29 (Step forward Michael Bisping, Ross Pearson, Terry Etim and Vaughan Lee).

Considering the already scheduled PPV events later this year, I have based my picks on this card being a Fuel TV event. Although unconfirmed, it's been reported today that this is the most likely outcome, and we won't get another numbered event. Last year I'd have been very concerned for the quality of the card, but not anymore with the Fox TV deal now in place. Spike TV used to air UK events via tape delay in the US, which at times impacted on the name value of those fighting on UK cards. Fuel, though, like with the Sweden card, will show the event live in the US on a Saturday afternoon. That still won't guarantee an influx of championship fights and superstars, but it's a start. We also know this card will be predominantly filled with British fighters, along with two or three big names fighting on the main card. I can live with that. It's also worth noting that Dustin Poirier vs. The Korean Zombie headlined a Fuel TV card and look how that turned out!

Here we go, starting from the bottom of the card, and finishing with my main event choice, these are my picks:


Azamat Gashimov (7-1) vs. Roland Delorme (8-1)

TUF fighter Roland Delorme caused a bit of an upset winning his last UFC fight over the heavily favoured Nick Denis and is currently 2-0 in the organisation. Having been submitted by T.J. Dillashaw, the Canadian didn't make much of an impact during that series but he's a fighter on the rise. Denis had him constantly rocked if the first round of their fight but Delorme impressively pulled himself together and pulled off an outstanding rear naked choke to get the win. Azamat Gashimov was signed earlier this year, but pulled out of his debut fight on the Fuel TV 3 card due to injury. By all accounts he should be good to go for September, and this will be a good first test for the Russian.

Jack Marshman (10-1) vs. Magnus Cedenblad (10-4)

I'm not sure what his contract situation is with BAMMA, but I like Jack Marshman and I'd love to see him on a UFC card. Yes I am a little bit biased because of his military connections, but he's young, talented, and only recently suffered his first loss against the vastly more experienced Tom Watson in a BAMMA World Middleweight Championship fight. Not bad progress for someone who's first fight was in early 2010. Swedish fighter Magnus Cedenblad was completely outclassed by the bigger, more powerful Francis Carmont in his UFC debut, but he's going to get another chance to shine, and it's likely to be on this card. This is a winnable fight for both of them and its a solid undercard fight featuring an up and coming homegrown talent.

Andy Ogle (8-1) vs. Akira Corassani (9-3)

We all know now that Ogle is going to get a deserved spot on this card. He missed out on a fight this Friday because of injury, and Dana White (whilst being many things) is generally a man who delivers on a promise. Corassani, another TUF fighter, was scheduled to fight Jason Young on the Sweden card but pulled out injured. Corassani has a solid stand up base with one punch knockout power, but in my opinion he's nowhere near as good as Al Iaquinta, Ogle's last opponent on TUF. This is a very winnable fight for Ogle. He's got good exposure thanks to TUF, and a win for him will get the partizan crowd on their feet.

Simeon Thoresen (17-2-1) vs. Pascal Krauss (10-1)

John Hathaway dominated Pascal Krauss to the point some fans might have wondered if we'd ever see Krauss in another UFC fight. That wasn't my opinion because this kid is good, but that opinion is likely more a testament to the performance of Hathaway, and less about that of Krauss. The German is very talented, but on the night he simply came up against a highly motivated Hathaway with a point to prove. Krauss has spent a lot of time training with Duke Roufus over the past year, and if that camp rates him highly, that's more than good enough for me. Simeon Thoresen looked great in his debut win over Besam Yousef securing a submission victory after dominating from top position for most of the fight. Most of this fight might be spent on the ground, but I'll take that if one of them pulls off a quality submission to get the win.

Jason Young (9-5) vs. Bart Palaszewski (36-15)

Young was thrown into the lions den for his first two UFC fights, matching up against Dustin Poirer and Michihiro Omigawa, with both ending in UD defeats. He did better than anyone ever expected in both fights and duly got a deserved third fight with Eric Wisely to get his first win. His performance against Wisely was superb, and for me he won all three rounds convincingly even if some disagreed about the third. Palaszewski is extremely experienced, hard as nails and he loves to stand and trade (ask Tyson Griffin). He's a very tough opponent for anyone, but one that Young can outmaneuver with his speed and kickboxing skills. A win over Palaszewski would be the perfect platform for Young to start making inroads towards the Featherweight Top 15 rankings.


John Maguire (18-3) vs. Matt Brown (14-11)

Who wouldn't want to see a bit of Gypsy Jiu-Jitsu to start off the main card, especially a crowd favorite like Maguire who's on a seven fight win streak? Despite showing flaws in his stand up against DeMarques Johnson, who needs boxing skills when you can submit your opponent like Maguire did in Sweden? Maguire is 2-0 in the UFC and there is no need to throw him in with a really top name just yet. Matt Brown is perfect as his next opponent. Brown has been around the block several times and he's a lower level gatekeeper well accustomed to the ways of the Octagon. He recently nullified the karate kid hype machine Stephen Thompson. His high level Judo and BJJ will provide a stern test for Maguire, and that's before mentioning he's equally competent in the stand up. Brown is very well rounded and this fight will tell us just how good Maguire really is.

Paul Sass (13-0) vs. Evan Dunham (13-2)

Dana White said it's time to give Paul Sass a step up in competition, so who better than Evan Dunham? Jacob Volkmann came into the fight on Saturday riding a five fight win streak, but had absolutely no answer for Sass, despite knowing full well what the Englishman intended to do. Sass is electric and any opponent, however skilled, is going to be very vary of taking a fight with Sass to the ground. It wasn't too long ago that Dunham was being touted around as the next big thing, but consecutive defeats to Sean Sherk (disputable!) and Melvin Guillard (indisputable!) halted that momentum. Dunham has won two on the bounce, is a very skilled fighter who would provide Sass with his toughest test to date. Should Dunham not be available my back up plan is for Sass to match up with T.J. Grant who is fresh off a win over Carlo Prater, and someone who is very underrated for some strange reason.

John Hathaway (16-1) vs. Paulo Thiago (14-4)

I like the idea of Hathaway facing the winner of the Brenneman vs. Silva fight which takes place on UFC on FX 3 card in 10 days or so. However, I am steering clear of matching Hathaway with anyone who's already scheduled to fight, therefore I am ruling out both Rick Story and Dong Hyun Kim for that same reason. That doesn't leave too many options other than Amir Sadollah (I saw the Lopez fight so NO to that) and my final choice Paulo Thiago. Although the UFC doesn't like to match up winners vs. last fight losers, I hope they make an exception for this. I enjoy watching Thiago fight, he's always game and he has some name value to make this fight worth it. As I've mentioned before Hathaway looked very polished in his comeback win over Krauss. He is the most naturally gifted athelete of all of the UK fighters in the UFC. He also has the most rounded game after Michael Bisping, which is impressive considering Hathaway is still only 24 years old. If Hathaway can overcome Thiago (and I suspect he does), then he moves onto a fight with a top 10-15 opponent by Jan 2013. After that the sky is the limit for the London Shootfighter.

Brad Pickett (21-6) vs. Michael McDonald (15-1)

One Punch is quality and if I had my way he'd be fighting Urijah Faber in July for the interim title and not Renan Barao. Right, fan head off and sensible head on, Barao convincingly beat Pickett and duly deserves his shot. What Pickett needs to do is get a convincing win for himself to get a shot as the next contender. With the bantamweight division lacking a little depth, only a few names roll off the tongue as potential opponents for the Londoner. Jabouin, Mizugaki, Bowles, Torres, those are all possibilities, but my first choice has to be McDonald. Injury concerns aside, this would be an awesome fight to make to set up a No. 1 contender for the Barao-Faber winner. McDonald is uber talented and dismantled Miguel Torres in rapid fashion last month. Both are extremely exciting and equally deserving of their places in the top 10 rankings. Dana White is a big fan of both so matching them up is a real possibility. My only concern is that the fight is too good not to put on a PPV event. It certainly deserves that kind of profile.

Dan Hardy (24-10 (1)) vs. Che Mills (14-5 (1 NC))

As I said in my blog this week, my first choice of opponent for Hardy would have been Siyar Bahadurzada, but sadly (for us) he's already booked to fight at UFC 149. I've also read loads of other suggested opponents for Hardy including Diego Sanchez, Thiago Alves, Martin Kampman, Matt Brown (already picked, see above) and even Paul Daley! Whilst Brown wouldn't be a bad choice (there's history) I just want to see Hardy face someone who's only going to stand and trade, and not look to expose any Hardy weakness like his wrestling defense. Hardy was terrific on Saturday night, he looked far more evolved than I've ever seen him before. His clinch skills, the patience and his general fight persona were a joy to see. Therefore why match him up with another top level opponent just one fight removed from a four fight losing streak?

Che Mills is all about the stand up and he'd be a great match up for Hardy, and for us fans. I would be amazed if it lasted longer than a round with either fighter capable of getting a KO. Both Hardy and Mills execute excellent kickboxing and Mills is equally adept at finishing an opponent as he did at UFC 138. Whilst I'm not always a fan of pitching two UK fighters against each other, this is the UFC and it's got to happen every now and then. This is a great fight to make and as a co main event, the crowd would lap this up from start to finish so I'm running with this one. For the record I've made it a co main event over more deserving fights for two reasons. Hardy and Nottingham.

Alexander Gustafsson (14-1) vs. Quinton Jackson (32-10)

There are reasons why this prediction is the most unlikely of my choices, but who wouldn't want to see this fight live as a main event. Rampage is on his way out of the UFC with one fight left on his contract. Although his vocal plea for an early release has quietened down recently, it's no secret that he wants out. My opinion is "who cares?" but that's no reason not to give him a decent send off in front of the UK fans. As you know, Rampage fights out of the UK based Wolfslair team, and lest we forget, has already fought on a UK card back in 2007. Even Rampage must realize his days of headlining a numbered PPV event passed him by when he lost to Jon Jones last year. By appearing on this card, at least he gets to go out as a main event star, in a blaze of publicity, and not lower down the pecking order on a numbered event in Las Vegas.

One thing that might prove difficult when it comes to persuading Rampage to take the fight is the opponent I'm suggesting. Alexander Gustafsson is a beast and is on his way up, watching Rampage on the way down. The Swede stepped up when it counted in front of his hometown fans and delivered a very convincing win over Thiago Silva. Rampage aside, I can't see who else is available right now for AG to fight. Only Rashad Evans stands out and I very much doubt that's going to happen this year. Rampage is another top named opponent for Gustafsson and a convincing win would enhance his claims for a title shot at either Jon Jones or Dan Henderson. Fighting on the September card also puts his schedule nicely in line with the two I just mentioned who fight each other at UFC 151 early the same month.

Whether you agree or disagree with my selections, get in touch and tell me why (and what you would do) by using Twitter @MMATorchDan


Keith Hackney Kultar Gill Valentijn Overeem Jake O Brien Dos Caras Jr  

Replace a melted gi collar?

anybody ever attempt to replace the collar of a gi? I've got a batch 6 syr that I adore, but a laundromat dryer i always use suddenly went nuclear one week and melted the insert. It's all goofy and misshapen now. Thinking of snagging a killer bee top (40% off) for $45, extracting the rubber insert and having a tailor swap it in to my syr. The entire job would run me abt $85 when all is said and done. I'm a bit shy to pull the trigger -- curious if anyone's ever done this before. If so, howd it turn out? was it worth it to you in the end?



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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale fight card: Justin Lawrence vs John Cofer preview


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Dana White Talks TUF on Friday Night Time Slot: ?You Just Don?t Bump Sons of Anarchy?

UFC president Dana White explains why "The Ultimate Fighter: Live" landed on Friday nights and how working with FX is different than working with Spike TV.

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***OFFICIAL*** Max Holloway vs. Pat Schilling Pre/Post Fight Discussion

*Featherweight bout: 145 pounds*

Image: Image:...


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WWE SmackDown: What Happens If Kane Beats CM Punk for the WWE Title?

For the first time in eight years (more like for the first time since October 10, 2008), the WWE Championship will be decided on SmackDown when CM Punk defends his title against the big, red monster Kane.

Despite WWE's claim that the upcoming match between CM Punk and Kane is the first WWE title match on SmackDown in eight years, the last time the title was defended on SmackDown was on October 10, 2008 (about 3 years, 4 months ago)—when then-WWE Champion Triple H battled Big Show. That match ended in a no contest.

It is interesting to note that the WWE title has only changed hands two times in SmackDown history. On the September 16, 1999 episode, Mr. McMahon defeated Triple H for the title with help from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Then, on the September 18, 2003 episode, Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle for the title in a 60-minute Iron Man match.

Will the WWE title change hands this Friday night on SmackDown

Before you laugh, I want you to know I don't think it will happen. I expect Kane and CM Punk to end in a no contest after Daniel Bryan hits both men with a steel chair. I expect the usual.

But think about it. Imagine what would happen if Kane were to beat CM Punk for the title on SmackDown.

For one thing, Kane winning the title on SmackDown would shock the world. It would get everyone talking. Anyone who missed the show would feel terrible for missing it and for assuming that nothing game changing or exciting ever happens on SmackDown.

Of course, SmackDown spoilers exist, but even if you knew that Kane would beat CM Punk for the title, wouldn't you still tune in on Friday night to see Kane win? Having Kane beat CM Punk for the title would even help Monday Night Raw's ratings—especially because Raw is live (which means unpredictable). For that reason, having Kane win the title on Friday would likely help ratings for both Raw and SmackDown.

As with anything in life, there are drawbacks to having Kane defeat CM Punk. One drawback is that the shock-factor would eventually wear off, and the ratings would go with it. Another drawback is that the current Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk feud would become a bit less important with the WWE title out of the picture.

Ultimately, there are many pros and cons to having Kane win the title this Friday. I've only listed a couple of each so that you could list the rest for me. 


Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts! 


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Greg Valentine Posts Explanation For No-Showing Event

WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine offered an explanation on his Facebook page for no-showing Great North Wrestling’s Randy Savage tribute show on Sept. 3 in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada after the organization paid $2,000 for his services.
Here is my Official Statement on my Canada Booking. I hope this clears things up.
I was booked for the Macho Man Memorial Show in Canada. That’s true. I told the promoter I was coming. That’s true. I received my deposit from the promoter. That’s true. Now let me clear some things up…
A ...


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WWE SmackDown! Taping Draws 1,600 Paying Customers

Last Tuesday’s SmackDown! taping in Toledo, Ohio was one of the worst attended WWE events in years as it drew 3,200 fans, with only 1,600 paid.
Following the event’s poor advance, WWE only sold tickets facing the camera so the Huntington Center would appear full on television. SLAM! Wrestling columnist Matt Bishop, who attended the event, described the venue’s appearance: “Tuesday’s tapings of WWE Smackdown, Superstars and NXT wasn’t notable because of what happened in the ring, but rather because of what was happening outside the ringside area. Or more appropriately, ...


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Pro Soccer player takes cheap shot to Chef Gordon Ramsay in Soccer match


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Good Spider Guard

On the latest Open Mat Podcast, Rafael Lovato Jr. talked about Kayron Gracie and his good spider guard.

Any other athlete really good at playing spider guard?

(especially, but not limited to leg lasso and the light/leve weight division)


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Video - Roy Nelson vs. Dave Herman highlights from UFC 146

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

The highlight reel from UFC 146 continues, this time with the first round knockout from Roy Nelson against Dave Herman. Check out the clip below, via

Video URL:


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French Open 2012 TV Schedule: When and Where to Watch All of Day 3's Action

While still a ways away from the real drama of the French Open, action continues on Tuesday from Roland Garros as stars work toward a potential Grand Slam title.

Surprises have been few and far between, but soon enough we'll see big names taking on big names and stars will be heading home.

We're not there yet, but that just means there is non-stop tennis action to watch.


When: 5:00 AM - 10:00 AM ET, ESPN2

     10:00 AM - 3:00 PM ET, Tennis Channel


Big Names in Action


Rafael Nadal

Richard Gasquet

Andy Murray

Janko Tipsarevic

Juan Monaco

David Ferrer


Two favorites to reach the semi-final, Nadal and Murray look to create some momentum at Roland Garros.

Rafa has won six French Open titles in his career and is easily the biggest favorite in either bracket to win it all.

Ferrer, Tipsarevic and Monaco should all fight their way through to meaningful rounds as well. Gasquet is a wild card to keep an eye on.



Francesca Schiavone

Serena Williams

Petra Kvitova

Maria Sharapova

Caroline Wozniacki

Maria Kirilenko


Schiavone won here in 2010 and Williams all the way back in 2002, but none of the other names here has tasted victory at Roland Garros.

Sharapova has been playing good tennis of late, and Kvitova's a threat as well. Nobody knows what to make of Wozniacki, but she could possibly perform better without so much expectation hanging over her.

The women's bracket is wide open, so anyone and everyone is a contender.


Kazushi Gracie Hunter Sakuraba Kalib Starnes Don Barr Jon Jones Kiyoshi Tamura

Why Matt Forte Will Sign His Offer, Start for Chicago Bears in Week 1

Matt Forte continues to boycott the Chicago Bears' spring mini-camps and organized team activities in protest of not receiving a long-term contract offer. It will not surprise anyone if he skips the remaining OTAs and even the full minicamp in mid-June. He may even skip the start of training camp, hoping to force the Bears to give him the long-term deal that he wants.

However, when the Bears take the field against Indianapolis on Sept. 9, Forte will be right there with them. 

Under the new collective bargaining agreement, the rules for franchise tag players have changed. For 2012, running backs will make about $7.7 million per year compared to $9.6 million per year in 2011. Despite the big reduction, it is still more than twice the value of Forte's rookie contract, which paid him about $3.78 million over his first four seasons. At $481,000 per game, he'll make more by the second week of 2012 than he did for the entire 2011 season. Forte might want a long-term deal, but he is not going to pass up a pay increase like that. 

To make matters worse for Forte, the Bears signed free-agent running back Michael Bush from Oakland. Both he and Forte have been in the NFL for four seasons, but Bush has more than 500 fewer touches. Last season, Bush had almost 1,400 yards from scrimmage and scored eight touchdowns despite splitting time with Darren McFadden. Bush's four-year, $14 million contract keeps him with the Bears through 2015, and the longer that Forte holds out, the more playing time Bush will get. Forte cannot afford to give Bush a chance to replace him as the starting back in Chicago. 

Finally, the Bears have concerns about Forte's long-term durability. Despite Forte's agent calling these concerns "absurd," Chicago does have good reason to be proceed with caution. In 2006, he tore the PCL in his left knee and he sprained the MCL of the same knee in 2009, requiring arthroscopic surgery. Forte missed the last four games of 2011 season with a sprained MCL in his right knee. Although he did not need surgery to repair the damage, it makes sense that Chicago would want to see Forte in action before making a long-term commitment. 

Right now, the Bears hold all the cards. If Forte continues to hold out, the Bears save money and gain even more leverage on him with Michael Bush expanding his role. At the end of the season, they can apply the franchise tag on him again for $9.24 million, which is still less than the cost back in 2011. By the end of 2013, he will have an even harder time getting a long-term deal. And if he misses any time due to injury during the next two seasons, he will never find a team willing to commit to him long term.

Forte's best chance to land his long-term deal is to sign the current tender offer, show up and dominate this season like he did last year before the injury. Another solid season will silence the injury concerns and prove to the Bears that he can't be easily replaced. 

Forte may believe holding out will eventually get him the deal he desires. In reality, his best option is to sign the current offer, show up and prove he deserves a long-term commitment from Chicago. He'll receive a huge pay increase in the process, and the Bears will have a key component in their quest to reach the postseason. 


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UFC 148: Chael Sonnen asked Rousimar Palhares to help train, gets turned down


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