Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bela Karolyi Must Stop Making Excuses for Jordyn Wieber's Olympic Failure

Bela Karolyi needs to just accept the fact that Jordyn Wieber failed, and he needs to stop making excuses for why it happened. 

Wieber uncharacteristically bombed her floor exercise on Day 2 of the 2012 Summer Games, missing out on the all-around competition on the process.

Karolyi—the former head coach of the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team—blames the process, claiming that Wieber's placement as the second-to-last gymnast to compete is the reason for her failure. Wieber competed before Aly Raisman, and traditionally, the best gymnast is supposed to compete last.

According to USA Today, Karolyi said, "This shouldn't have happened. This is a definite line-up mistake." He's also "afraid" that Wieber's disappointment could cost the U.S. women's team the gold medal in the team competition because he worries she may not bounce back from the psychological disappointment.

Here's the deal: Wieber is a veteran. She has been competing on the big stage internationally for a couple of years now. It's not like we're talking about Kyla Ross here. 

Wieber simply failed. It happens to everyone in life, and it just so happens that it happened to her on one of the biggest stages the world has to offer. The lineup had nothing to do with it. She just wasn't on her game. Period.

Karolyi is like a big papa bear who doesn't want to see his girls suffer, but he needs to back off on this one. There's no reason to stir up a hornets nest of strife over the fact that Wieber wasn't the last gymnast to compete.

These girls are mentally tough. They train from their youth to compete at the highest levels, and their bodies and minds are subjected to more wear-and-tear than many of us will ever know. Therefore, I can't believe that a lineup hiccup is to blame for Wieber's sub-par routine. 

The sooner Wieber can forget about her failure, the better off Team USA is going to be. Karolyi isn't doing her any favors by trying to create a scandal about the process. She needs to set her mind on the next task at hand and move forward. 



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