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It Will Be Tough for Pacers' Roy Hibbert to Repeat as All-Star

Roy Hibbert will have a better season than the last one. His statistics will improve, but he won't repeat as a NBA All-Star.

Many people were surprised about Hibbert being named to the All-Star team last season, I was not among them. From his numbers alone, 12.8 points, 8.8 rebounds and two blocks, Hibbert had a decent season.

How would those numbers stack up against the Washington Wizards’ Nene?

Nene is just one of a few viable centers that play in the NBA East. The East have recently become filled with competitive big men.

The fortunes of the Eastern Conference teams changed with offseason trade that sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The biggest beneficiary of that trade was the Philadelphia 76ers. In the intricate four-team deal, the 76ers received Andrew Bynum.

Bynum is widely regarded as the NBA’s second-best center and will come out with something to prove.

First off, Bynum will be looking to prove the Lakers made a mistake in trading him. Secondly, he will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. While there is very little doubt the 76ers will attempt to re-sign him, a motivated Bynum could be primed to have his best season to date.

Another center that assured to get attention is the Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah.

Noah is a consistent double-double threat. He is also a polarizing figure amongst NBA fans. He's both loved and despised, but respected nonetheless. That can work in Noah’s favor or against him. The question is, will this be the year the fans decide to vote Noah in as an All-Star after finishing in second place the last two seasons?

Hibbert has his work cut out for him to repeat as an All-Star and Bynum and Noah are probably the least of his worries.

The aforementioned Nene will also get some looks. So will the Atlanta Hawks’ Al Horford, who was injured most of last season. To add to the suspense, if the Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett gets listed at center, things will definitely become interesting.

For Hibbert to stand out he must first avoid foul trouble.

The longer Hibbert can stay on the floor, the better. His rebounding totals should immediately improve; there is no one in the NBA his height (7’2”) that plays on his level. His scoring should increase with more opportunities as the Pacers begin to understand how best to use his height advantage.

Hibbert does not wow anyone with his athletic ability but he does not have to. He simply has to realize that he is the biggest player on the floor at all times.

I will not completely rule Hibbert out to repeat as a NBA All-Star. The task seems to be a daunting one, though not out of the question. For Hibbert, the competition will make it tougher this year. If he turns in a terrific season, the Pacers will be better for it.


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Frankie Edgar Moving to Featherweight, Agrees to Fight Jose Aldo at UFC 153 with Koch Injured

With Erik Koch injured, former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar has agreed to step in and challenge UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 153 in Brazil.


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Dan Henderson wants to return by year's end, says it's a "shame" UFC 151 was canceled

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

"They did find an opponent, but I guess it was one [Jon Jones] didn't wanna fight. It's a shame the whole card had to be scrapped because of that. It's an injury that I honestly thought I'd be able to work through and fight a little bit injured. I may not have been one hundred percent, but I thought I'd be close. After a couple of weeks of trying to push through it, it was apparent that I wouldn't even be close to a hundred percent. I'd like to shoot for that December 29 show, and I'm pretty sure I'd be ready to go by then. I can guarantee that I will day. I don't know when."

-Dan Henderson talks to Inside MMA on AXS TV about the UFC 151 cancellation, his knee injury, and when he expects to return (transcribed by

Penick's Analysis: Just to stop one line of thinking off the bat here, there wasn't a particular fighter Jones "didn't wanna fight." He didn't want to risk losing his title to anyone other than the man he was preparing for in Dan Henderson, not on eight day's notice. Agree or disagree with that frame of thinking, it had nothing to do with the opponent and everything to do with the late change. Indeed, he and his camp made it clear they'd fight Sonnen at UFC 152 if that's the fight the UFC wanted. That's not the fight the UFC went with, and that's not on Jones. Back to Henderson, timing could work out well to have him still fight Jones by year's end, if the UFC wants to stack the final event of the year. That is something they've done in the past, and after getting burned on UFC 151, and with both Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos having been injured into their first bout, they may be more apt to pull out this time around when it's not on Fox. Stacking that event is the UFC's best bet right now.

[Dan Henderson art by Grant Gould (c)]


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Workout Logs

Want to share your work out? this is the place to do it.

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Anderson Silva says he didn?t finish Thales Leites at UFC 97 out of respect

Anderson Silva's last three middleweight title defenses have ended in knockout or technical knockout in the first or second round. He has been on a tear that has cemented him as one of, if not the greatest mixed martial artist in the sport's history.


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City of Heroes closing down

I've played City of Heroes off-and-on since the closed beta, it's been 8+ years and I'm absolutely shocked that it's closing down soon.

It's still a good game, but it looks like NCSoft just doesn't want to keep going with it...


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One FC 5: Rodrigo Ribeiro vs Phil Baroni



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Georges St-Pierre medically cleared, bout with Carlos Condit on for UFC 154 in Montreal

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

After a spring and summer that has featured nothing but injury woes and shakeups for the UFC, some good news came out on Tuesday for one of the events this fall.

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre, who has been on the sidelines since last year with a pair of knee injuries, and who has spent most of 2012 rehabbing from surgery to repair a torn ACL, announced on Tuesday that he's been medically cleared to return to competition.

Going on Twitter and other social networking platforms, St-Pierre revealed the good news, and confirmed that he's set for Nov. 17 and UFC 154 in Montreal. His bout with Carlos Condit has been expected for that event for the better part of the year, and now he's set to return home for sure.

Penick's Analysis: This is fantastic confirmation for a fight we've been expecting. St-Pierre's return has been long-awaited, and this fight with Condit should be a fantastic event. After a string of really negative news in the last couple of weeks, it's nice to have something to truly look forward to, and St-Pierre's return is just that.


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Official: Signature Betting & Games

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WWE Rumors: CM Punk, the Rock, Steve Austin and Friday's Top WWE Buzz

As we approach the end of a fairly memorable week in WWE, it is always fun to look back to see what will stick and what was just simple ratings bait. 

Triple H's pseudo-retirement falls into the latter category. No one believes he is walking away any more than they believe he will put Brock Lesnar over two times in a row. 

The CM Punk vs. John Cena match announced for Night of Champions was not a surprise, nor did it make much sense in the context it was made, but it was the right call to actually get Punk back in a main-event on pay-per-view for the first time since December. 

There was a lot more that happened, but those were the two biggest stories of the week. What struck you? Where do you want to see change? Whose direction are you happy with?



This is going to be a CM Punk-heavy news day, as he did an interview recently and discussed a few topics that are of interest to WWE fans. First, he mentioned that he has to hold on to the WWE championship so he can "shut Rock up" at the Royal Rumble. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Will Punk hold the title until the Rumble?

Our Take: I have gone on record as saying that would be the best thing for everyone involved in this little championship triangle between Punk, Rock and Cena. I do think that WWE will fall victim to its own impatience and put the title on Cena for at least one month before Punk wins it back before January. 

Hype Meter: 5 out of 5 Title Switches

I don't think people realize how significant Punk's current title reign is. We take advantage just how many times WWE loved to change the title simply for a one-night ratings chase, which is why a soon-to-be 10-month title reign in this era is really special. 

Deeper Dive

CM Punk Interview (Machinima)



The never-ending rumors about Steve Austin's potential return for one more match will likely pick up reading CM Punk's comments on him in that same interview mentioned before. He was clearly trying to work an angle saying that "we'll see...what's injured next year."

Question on Everybody's Mind: CM Punk and Austin are on a collision course, right?

Our Take: Who knows with Austin, but Punk will work any angle he can to get a match with Austin. It's quite obvious Punk holds Austin in high regard and wants to do everything he can to get one more match out of the Rattlesnake. 

Hype Meter: 5 out of 5 Dream Matches

WrestleMania 30 could easily be built around a CM Punk-Steve Austin match. Again, it all comes down to whether Austin wants to do it, or is even capable of doing it. That would certainly guarantee the kind of buy rate WWE needs to make the show a success. 

Deeper Dive

10 Highlights From WWE In 2002 (B/R)



Since Drew McIntyre's WWE career is going so well, it makes sense that he would take to Twitter in order to make sure the world knows he believes in what the current crop of young stars in wrestling can do. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Is McIntyre right?

Our Take: McIntyre knows that the talent is there for the business to succeed even as people like John Cena and CM Punk get closer to 40 than 30. It is incumbent upon WWE to put them in a position to succeed, as well as the stars to make the fans believe in what they are doing. 

Hype Meter: 3 out of 5 Eternal Optimists

McIntyre is a guy who has always gotten a raw deal from WWE. He was really put into an awkward position when everyone knew Vince McMahon talked about him as the Chosen One. When he didn't look like the best performer in the history of the business, he was hung out to dry. 

Deeper Dive

Looking At Five Future World Champions (B/R)



In an interview with Slam! magazine, A.J. discussed her newfound power within WWE and the differences between being a wrestler and general manager of Raw. She also talks about possibly working a match at WrestleMania, though she doesn't get into specifics. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: How long will A.J. keep her power?

Our Take: Even though WWE likes to change general managers at the drop of a hat, it is clear that the company sees something in A.J. She might be starting to get over, at least to some degree. She could be in this for the long haul. 

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Surprise Successes

When A.J. was named general manager, it seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. She didn't have a great presence, or much charisma, but she has really taken to the role and turned out to be one of the better GMs in recent memory. 

Deeper Dive

A.J. Interview (Slam)


Check back for more on the WWE as it comes, and check out Bleacher Report’s Wrestling Page to get your fill of the WWE. For more WWE talk, check out Ring Rust Radio for all of the hot topics you just can’t miss.


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Anderson Silva thinks Jon Jones "could have fought" Chael Sonnen, talks about offer to fight at UFC 151

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Anderson Silva opened up this week about the UFC 151 situation, and his own offer to step in when Jon Jones turned down a fight with Chael Sonnen. The topic came up from a fan during an appearance on "Domingao do Faustao," a program on Brazil's largest network, Rede Globo, where he was being honored.

"You have a whole camp preparing to fight a specific athlete," Silva responded regarding Jones (via "When the opponent changes, the preparation changes a bit. I thought he could have fought Chael, but it's his decision. He prepared to fight Dan Henderson. The whole team thought it was best not to fight."

"When I heard the event might be canceled, I called [UFC President] Dana White and said I would fight in the light heavyweight division against someone who also wasn?t training for the event. Besides the main fight, the event had many other fighters who depended on it. I worried about that, because I have lived through situations like this in smaller events."

Penick's Analysis: There are those who believe Silva's willingness to step up for UFC 151 hurts Jones' case for turning down a fight on eight day's notice, but they are two very different situations. Silva was willing to step up against a fighter out of his division who wasn't training for this event, with no title on the line and a clear understanding that it was such a late notice fight. For Jones, he would have been in a somewhat similar situation against Sonnen, with one very important difference: his title would have been on the line. Now, you can take that as a valid excuse or not, but it is a distinction between the two situations. Still, had they not canceled the event, it would have been great to see Silva step up against someone on a week's notice like that.


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Whats the deal with the Restrictions on posting in the OT?

Sorry if this is the wrong place but whats up with the 300 post / 6 week requirement before i'm able to join the 'OT crowd' in posting inane nonsensical insults and musings?

Do i have to prove myself first?


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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Healy Gains New Bouts

Strikeforce officials on Thursday added two more bouts to its Sept. 29 event, Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Healy, slated for the Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, Calif.


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George St-Pierre Gets Green Light to Fight Carlos Condit, Heavy Favorite by Oddsmakers

Now that Georges St-Pierre has declared that he is healthy and has the green light to fight Carlos Condit at UFC 154 on Nov. 17 in Montreal, it?s time for the oddsmakers to chime in.


Brock Lesnar Scott Lighty Ricardo Almeida  Hirotaka Yokoi Gegard Mousasi

UFC reveals 32-welterweight cast for "The Ultimate Fighter Fridays" on FX

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

The field for the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, debuting two weeks from Friday, has been revealed, and the second season on FX will feature 32 welterweights vying for the "six-figure contract" and a featured spot in the UFC as an Ultimate Fighter winner.

The UFC invited more than 60 fighters to try out for the season, paring it down to 32 finalists who fought to get into the house. Coaches Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson will then coach two teams of those fighters heading into a showdown later in the year.

"Carwin and Nelson are two guys who just can't stand each other and Roy and I haven't exactly seen eye to eye either - he's been a nightmare for me to work with on this show with all his stupid BS," said UFC president Dana White in a press release announcing the competitors.

29 of the 32 participants are from the United States, with two from Canada and one final participant from Brazil. The full list is below:

Bristol Marunde, 30, Las Vegas, Nev.
Cameron Diffley, 27, Las Vegas, Nev.
Colton Smith, 25, Fort Hood, Texas via Ankeny, Iowa
Cortez Coleman, 30, Hugo, Okla.
David Michaud, 23, Pine Ridge, S.D.
Diego Bautista, 26, Lakewood, Calif.
Dom Waters, 23, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Eddy Ellis, 29, Olympia, Wash.,
Frank Camacho, 23, Camp Springs, Md.,
George Lockhart, 29, Atlanta, Ga.
Igor Araujo, 31, Albuquerque, N.M. via Patos De Minas, Brazil
James Chaney, 25, Klamath Falls, Ore.
Jason South, 34, West Jordan, Utah
Jerel Clark, 23, Reno, Nev.
Jesse Barrett, 26, Tempe, Ariz.
Joey Rivera, 32, Tucson, Ariz.
Jon Manley, 26, Ludlow, Mass.
Julian Lane, 25, Mansfield, Ohio
Kevin Nowaczyk, 23, Chicago, Ill.
Leo Kuntz, 28, Bismarck, N.D.
Lev Magen, 25, Las Vegas, Nev.
Matt Secor, 25, South Glens Falls, N.Y.
Max Griffin, 26, Sacramento, Calif.
Michael Hill, 25, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Mike Ricci, 26, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Neil Magny, 24, Chicago, Ill.
Nic Herron-Webb, 22, Anchorage, Alaska
Ricky Legere Jr., 26, Corona, Calif.
Saad Awad, 23, San Bernardino, Calif.
Sam Alvey, 26, Murrieta, Calif.
Tim Ruberg, 30, Harrison, Ohio
Zane Kamaka, 23, Klaianae, Hawaii


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Anderson Silva says he didn?t finish Thales Leites at UFC 97 out of respect

Anderson Silva's last three middleweight title defenses have ended in knockout or technical knockout in the first or second round. He has been on a tear that has cemented him as one of, if not the greatest mixed martial artist in the sport's history.


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Dan Henderson Injured, Hopes to Return from UFC 151 Cancellation by Year?s End

One of the more overlooked aspects of the UFC 151 cancellation is the fact that Dan Henderson, the original opponent for UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, has been sidelined.


Mark Coleman Tito Ortiz Per Eklund Rumina Sato Ryan Bader 

Jon Jones to Dana White: Tell Chael Sonnen to stop picking on me


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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Preseason Look at the First Round

The NFL season hasn't started yet, but that won't keep fans from looking ahead to see which players they could potentially be looking at in the 2013 NFL draft.

If you're a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, you may catch yourself peeking in at Logan Thomas or Matt Barkley this fall. Miami Dolphins fans can spend their Saturdays watching Robert Woods and Keenan Allen dominate in the Pac-12. 

The season may not be here yet, but it's never too early to look ahead. With the draft order based on the most recent power rankings, here's a look at the first round of the 2013 draft.

Begin Slideshow


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Off-Topic Discussion

Anything not MMA related goes here

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Frankie Edgar eyes being the Dan Henderson of the UFC's lightweight and featherweight divisions

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar will drop to the featherweight division later this year, answering the call of many to see him in the 145 lb. division. However, he doesn't expect it to be a permanent move at all.

"I think it was just the timing of everything," Edgar said of the move in an interview with "Obviously the fight didn't go my way, the two fights, and maybe just a new landscape; it's something different down there. Not saying that I'll never got back to 155."

"I think big fights definitely interest me whatever weight class they're at, so maybe in the future who knows where else I could go, but it's just something I want to try for now."

After the success he had at 155 lbs., Edgar believes there is still a lot he can accomplish in both divisions, and wants to follow in the footsteps of fighters like Dan Henderson, who have made their names in more than one weight class.

"It's just another stage to my career," Edgar said. "I'm just trying to make the best of it I guess. I'm not cemented anywhere. You've got a guy like Dan Henderson who would fight 185 sometimes, 205 sometimes; if I could be that guy, that would be interesting too."

"There are good guys at 55, good guys at 45; I know fans are definitely interested in some fights. So there's plenty of match-ups possible... I always want to challenge myself and push myself to the limit. Being in the weight classes that I'm in there's always going to be good guys and good champions."

Penick's Analysis: Edgar's certainly got the talent and the skill set to become a two-division Champion. It's not an easy task, and to do so he may need to get past a man who has gotten by everyone he's faced in Zuffa in Jose Aldo. However, he's a fighter who absolutely could do just that; doing so would allow him to join the ranks of a very limited number of fighters to accomplish that feat. He'd be in great company, and it's the right goal for him to have at this stage. He's still got fighters he can face in both weight classes, and given the performance he had at UFC 150, he could still return to lightweight in the future and make a run at regaining that title as well.

[Frankie Edgar art by Grant Gould (c)]


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MMAWeekly Radio Wednesday: MMA Manager Ed Soares, Tyson Nam and New Debate Topics

MMAWeekly Radio returns for Wednesday's show with manager Ed Soares, Tyson Nam and all new debate topics including GSP's return at UFC 154.


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Met Clay Guida




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Asian MMA: ONE FC 5 Open Workout Photo Gallery And Highlights


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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Strikeforce: Melendez Vs. Healy Fight Card Shaping Up


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Vitor Belfort Sees Moving Up to Fight Jon Jones at UFC 152 as a Great Journey

Chael Sonnen may believe that Vitor Belfort will drop out of the fight with Jon Jones before UFC 152, but you'd never guess that by Belfort's enthusiasm Monday night on AXS TV's ?Inside MMA.


Roman Webber Wu Haotian Daniel Puder Brock Lesnar Kenichi Yamamoto

UFC 152's Michael Bisping expresses his confusion, disappointment in Jon Jones turning down Chael Sonnen

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

"Listen. When you're the champion, when you're the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the world, you gotta take fights. It's hard for me to judge Jon Jones. He's a hell of a fighter, and he'll go down in history as the youngest champion ever. He's incredible, but, I've got to say, I was a little disappointed when he didn't take the fight. He was offered a fight against Chael Sonnen on eight days notice. I, personally, was offered a fight against Chael Sonnen on eight days notice. I chose to take that fight. I don't know what that means. I don't know what those facts say. Maybe it means I'm a badass. I took the fight. I'm just confused as to why Jon Jones didn't. I think it's a fight Jones would have won. Obviously, he would have been in better shape than Chael. He's been preparing for that night, so it's a little confusing."

-Michael Bisping chimes in on the Jon Jones/UFC 151 cancellation conversation during an appearance on AXS TV's Inside MMA (transcribed by

Penick's Analysis: This is a perfectly reasonable stance to take on Jon Jones, and really the reaction that was warranted from Dana White, not the vitriolic burying he delivered. It's fine to be disappointed in Jones and confused as to why he didn't take the fight with Sonnen, because he would have been the more prepared of the two, and even at full preparation Jones is a favorite over Sonnen every single time. Bisping's situation was different when it came to the Sonnen fight in January, because he was jumping into a more high profile fight himself that would move him up the ladder quicker, while Jones would have been risking his title on a fight he hadn't prepared for. They're not entirely comparable scenarios, but Bisping's still got a point when it comes to that.

[Michael Bisping art by Grant Gould (c)]


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Police blotter: Chad Mendes charged, former Jackson?s fighter arrested

Police-related news in MMA to report:
-- UFC featherweight Chad Mendes was charged with simple battery for his role in a bar fight in Hanford, Calif. He is cooperating with the police, denies he was involved, and will be arraigned on Sept. 19. Mendes'...


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World Series of Fighting targets November debut on NBC Sports Network in Las Vegas


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5 Reasons the Boston Bruins Will Win Their 7th Stanley Cup in 2013

The 2011 Stanley Cup champions found themselves eliminated in the first round of the 2012 playoffs after a devastating, 2-1 overtime loss to the Washington Capitals in Game 7. Next season, however, the Bruins will rally behind their misfortune—all the way to the Stanley Cup. 

"We feel that we've come a long way to keeping this critical mass together for this team because I believe it's a strong team and will continue to be a strong team," said Bruins' general manager Peter Chiarelli (via 

Realistically, the lucky bounce that propelled the Capitals into the quarterfinals could have gone in Boston's favor just as easily. Unfortunately, the Bruins got the short end of the stick in Game 7. 

This does not change the fact that Boston is arguably the best defensive team in the Eastern Conference. 

If their forwards continue to step it up next season, as they have in numerous seasons before, the Bruins can soon become the best offensive team in the East as well. 

Some have speculated that the absence of starting goalie Tim Thomas will hinder the Bruins' season next year; others suspect that some of Boston's forwards will not be able to keep their numbers up.

But they are mistaken. 

Here are five reasons why Boston is destined to have their seventh taste of silver in 2013. 

Begin Slideshow


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Stephen Thompson Vs. Besam Yousef Scheduled For UFC 154


Thiago Alves  Anthony Torres Chris Lytle Kristian Rothaermel Royce Gracie

Wanderlei Silva Loses Father in Tragic Car Accident

Former Pride champion and current UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva recently took the hardest blow of his storied career, losing his father, who died in a tragic car accident.


Royce Gracie Daniel Acacio Gregor Gracie Elvis Sinosic Ron The Monster Sparks

Jon Jones apologizes to fighters and fans for UFC 151 cancellation, stands by refusal of Chael Sonnen bout

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones received tons of backlash on Thursday following the UFC's decision to cancel UFC 151 next week. With Dan Henderson forced out of their Championship bout on the card, the UFC went into desperation mode in trying to get first Lyoto Machida and then Chael Sonnen into the fight against Jones on nine day's notice, but Machida wasn't prepared for the fight and Jones turned down a bout with Sonnen.

It's that move by Jones that has gotten the brunt of the blame in this situation, despite the fact that he would have had a very different opponent to prepare for in very little time. But it was White who got to make the first statement on the matter, with Jones staying quiet through most of the day. That led to one side being pushed very heavily, backed by vitriolic responses such as the following:

"When you are a champion, much less one of the guys who is supposed to be one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, you are supposed to step up. Jon Jones is a guy a lot of fans don't like, and I don't think this is going to make him any more popular. Lorenzo Fertitta (UFC chairman and CEO) and I are disgusted with Jon Jones and Greg Jackson... UFC 151 will be remembered as the event Jon Jones and Greg Jackson murdered."

Jones has finally opened up about his decision in an interview with, and he made it clear that there simply wasn't enough time to prepare for the change in opponent.

"Dan Henderson got hurt, and the fight was canceled," Jones said. "I signed a contract a long time ago to fight Dan Henderson. That's what I studied for, and that's what I prepared myself for. To take a fight with a different opponent in which I would basically have three days of training before traveling and then starting to cut weight I just thought would be the dumbest idea ever. I wouldn't have been properly prepared."

One of the other heavy criticisms revolved around the fact that the rest of the fighters on the event now don't have a payday on Sept. 1. Indeed, that's another issue White laid at Jones' feet.

"One thing that you really have to think about are the fighters on the undercard," White said. "Sure, Jon Jones is rich what does he care if he cancels the fight? But 20 other fighters on the card added up to almost a half a million dollars in purse money that Jones and Greg Jackson?s decision stole from them. No champion or headliner in UFC history has ever done that. As difficult as Tito Ortiz could be... even Tito never bailed on a fight.?

?Many people, from fans to PPV distributors, TV networks, sponsors, and more importantly fighters who are working hard to support their families and build their careers are hurt badly by this selfish decision."

While Jones certainly feels for his fellow fighters, and is disappointed in the way he's been portrayed throughout the day, he also wanted to make the point that it wasn't him that made the decision to cancel the entire card.

"I definitely apologize to the other fighters on the card," Jones said. "I feel terrible, but it also wasn't my decision to cancel the whole card. I don't make those decisions. I take a lot of pride in the way I perform, and I want to put on the best performance possible every time I fight. I don't want to go out there just to win the fight. I want to go out there to dominate. I want to make it look effortless. I want it to be a beautiful thing."

That desire to be fully prepared didn't translate well with the time period he had standing in front of him for the fight, and though he does remain remorseful, he felt it was a decision that had to be made.

"Chael is completely different fighter [than Henderson]," Jones said. "This is war. This is strategy. You have to go in there prepared and know that you did your homework. I wouldn't be the same warrior if I just jumped in there blindly and was cutting weight while I was trying to prepare for the fight. Greg Jackson wasn't going to show up until Friday. Coach [Mike] Winkeljohn wasn't going to be there until Wednesday or Thursday. I would have been pretty much on my own trying to prepare for a new opponent. That's just not the best way to prepare."

"If this was my first fight in the UFC and I really didn't have a choice and they needed somebody to step in last-minute, if it was that type of scenario, then I'd probably more open to it," Jones continued. "But I'm a UFC champion, and I need to perform that way. If I would have taken this fight, that would have been letting my ego get in the way and not using my intellect. This is war, and you have to go in there prepared."

"The criticism does bother me, but I have to stand by my decision. I have to be the man that I am. With such large audiences comes great criticism. There will be a lot of scrutiny, but I've got to do what makes me happy and feels right to me. At the end of the day, I have to make the best choice for me and my family."

The last group affected by this entire situation are the fans, writers, and more who had booked travel, hotel rooms, and had bought tickets to an event that will now not take place. Jones again is sorry for that, but there wasn't a realistic reason in his mind to take a switch in opponents like that on as short of notice as he had.

"I apologize to the people that lost money on tickets and travel and things like that," Jones said. "I don't apologize for my decision, but I do apologize for the way it affected people. I hope people can understand I was just trying to do the best thing for my career."

"Dan Henderson got hurt, and our fight was canceled. As difficult as it is to deal with everything that's happened, I just didn't feel like I had enough time to prepare both physically and mentally for a fight with a new opponent. I just didn't feel I had enough to prepare properly and perform at my best. Whether Chael Sonnen actually deserves a title shot really isn't my place to say. But if he wants to fight on Sept. 22, then I'm fine with that."

Penick's Analysis: Jones could have taken the fight. He could have hopped in the cage with zero preparation against Chael Sonnen, and he may win in that scenario nine times out of ten. But Sonnen is a very different style of fighter than Dan Henderson, making it a completely different fight for Jones to prepare for, and leaving the possibility that a Matt Serra vs. GSP type result happens. That's a disastrous, hard to rebound from situation that didn't make sense to risk for Jones, and that's ok. It's disappointing, but it's ok. Jones didn't make the decision to cancel the event next week, and it's not fair to hold it all against him. The UFC was faced with that choice because they didn't have any other viable options than trying to strong-arm Jones into a bout he wasn't comfortable with on a week's notice. It's not his responsibility to make sure the rest of the card is getting their paycheck. Would he have been getting this same type of vitriol sent his way if he would have gotten injured? Of course not. This was an impossible spot he was put in, and the UFC throwing him under the bus hasn't helped anything. Does he have his share of the blame? Absolutely. But it's not all on him, and it's not fair to hold it against him with as much vitriol as has been thrown on Thursday. One more note, it's been pointed out on Twitter that this isn't even the first time this situation has happened this year, just the first time it's happened this close to an event. The UFC was supposed to head to Montreal in March, but in an ironic twist, it was reportedly Dan Henderson refusing to step into a fight in that main event that caused the UFC to scrap it and move the fights for that card to Atlanta. Regardless, there is plenty of blame to spread around, and it doesn't all need to be aimed at a Champion making a decision that makes sense for himself.

[Jon Jones art by Grant Gould (c)]


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Rashad Evans: Jon Jones owed it to the UFC to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 151

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has made his fair share of enemies and detractors since capturing the title last March, beginning with former friend and training partner Rashad Evans. Their friendship-turned-feud led to a bout this April, where Jones earned a unanimous decision in a mostly one-sided bout, but the hatchet hasn't been entirely buried.

One of the major criticisms levied against Jones by Evans was that his public persona didn't match who he was, and he was also critical of Jones' attitude towards things in the fight game. With Jones turning down a fight with Chael Sonnen in part leading to the cancellation of this week's UFC 151 event, Evans feels that Jones lost sight of what got him to the top.

"You have a tremendous responsibility as the champion. You are the champion of the UFC," Evans said in an interview with Pro MMA Radio (transcribed by "Not only that, you became champion of the UFC through circumstances like this. You had the opportunity to fight for someone that was injured. He stepped into a fight, after I got hurt, so he stepped in for me to fight Shogun. So, he was rewarded by the very process of somebody stepping in to take a fight. So, he owed it to the UFC to take the fight. Not only that, he owed it to all the other fighters on this card who are going to be missing paydays because of that."

"And let's not talk about how the UFC has done so much to make him the face of the UFC. They sponsored him. Everything he's gotten is because of the UFC, the whole Nike endorsement and everything else like that, has all been because of the UFC. When he got in trouble a few months back, it was the UFC who stood behind him and kind of made it go away relatively quickly. So, for him to turn his back on the UFC is very hard to believe, for one, but it's just disappointing. I'm sure one day, when he has the time to understand the ramifications of his decision, he's is gonna think, 'Wow. What did I really do?'"

Though Evans feels his criticisms of Jones have simply been confirmed with Jones' recent actions, he said it's not something he gains any satisfaction from, and more than anything he's sad to see Jones' path take this turn.

"For me, it's more of a sadness than anything. What it comes down to at the end of the day, despite the fact that me and Jon had our situations and we did part ways the way we did and we fought and I lost, I don't want to wish bad on him," Evans said. "I never want to wish bad on anybody like that because these are things in life that affects more than Jon Jones. It affects his family, it affects everyone that is close to him. So, to wish bad on him is to wish bad on a lot of other people that I have no problems with."

"Another thing is, dimming his light doesn't make my light any brighter. So for me, I just feel bad that it has come to light, exactly what I was saying and I don't want to be like, 'Ah man, I told you so, I told you so.' I would have been happy if he made me look like a liar. For me, it's about the organization and the sport and he is an ambassador for the sport, so, when he does things like this, it affects everybody involved. If he is going to be champion, then he has to take responsibility pretty serious and know and that he is representing more than just himself with the choices that he makes."

Penick's Analysis: There are differing schools of thought on just where the responsibility lies for fighters, and Evans is going hard on the side of being subservient to the UFC. Jones stood up for himself and his career, something many who claim to support fighters' rights have wanted to see. For all of the talk of fighters needing a union to protect against the UFC or to help them in negotiations, etc., they were sure quick to turn on Jones when he made a decision that didn't go right in line with the UFC. At the same time, there is something to be said for what Evans argues here. Jones was given a massive opportunity because of an injury, though he and Shogun had considerably more time to prepare for their bout than what would have been the case for Jones and Sonnen. They aren't the same situation, but there is some sense to the idea that Jones may have owed something to the UFC given the exposure he's received. Still, owing the organization to the detriment of his professional career isn't necessarily a good situation, either. There are plenty of wrinkles and arguments that make sense on both sides, but ultimately it doesn't matter in the end, because the decision's been made.

[Rashad Evans art by Grant Gould (c)]


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Rashad Evans 'disappointed' that Jon Jones 'turned his back on the UFC'


Jay Silva Josh Thomson Andrei Semenov Tim Sylvia Jaime Jara

UFC On Fuel 6 Fight Card Shaping Up


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Manager explains why Lyoto Machida turned down Jon Jones rematch at UFC 152

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

In the midst of all the blame and name calling being thrown around this week in regards to the cancellation of UFC 151, the UFC was still scrambling to try to put some fights together. One of the bouts they looked to put on after the mess of this week was Championship rematch between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida.

However, it was Machida who turned down the opportunity he had earned on Fox earlier this month, leading to the UFC putting in Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 after Mauricio "Shogun" Rua also turned down the fight. In an interview with USA Today, Machida's manager Ed Soares explained why Machida didn't take the fight on Sept. 22.

"Lyoto wants nothing more to be champion once again," Soares said. "Unfortunately, a rematch with Jon Jones doesn't just mean another shot at the title. A second loss to the champion means you have to completely reinvent yourself. It just happened to Chael Sonnen and Frankie Edgar. It happened in the past with B.J. Penn and Rich Franklin.

"Lyoto believes he has a great chance to beat Jon Jones the next time they fight, but he also wants an opportunity to come into the fight at full strength. Jon Jones is a great champion, and we would never disrespect him by assuming we could beat him with any less than our best effort. And Lyoto believes he owes it to himself, to Jon, and to the fans to be fully prepared the next time he steps into cage."

Jones gave similar reasoning, at least from a timing standpoint, for not taking a fight with Chael Sonnen next week, but just like Jones accepted a fight a few weeks later, Machida was only looking for a few more weeks himself.

"When we were offered the chance to fight Jones again at UFC 152 in Toronto, I discussed it with Lyoto, and he said it just wasn't enough time," Soares said. "We asked if the fight could be moved back a few weeks to UFC 153. Unfortunately, the UFC wanted the fight to take place in Toronto."

"Lyoto just wants to know whatever happens in a rematch with Jon Jones that he gave his absolute best performance. Going in there at less than full strength and coming up short could mean Lyoto would be forced to reinvent himself in another division despite believing in his heart that he can still be light-heavyweight champion. That could be a thorn in his side for the rest of his life, and nobody wants to go through that."

White did hint that Machida will likely need to take another fight now before getting a title shot, but regardless of how he comes to it, Machida wants to be the best version of himself the second time he steps across the cage from the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

"Lyoto is happy with the decision he made, and I think Dana understands his position, as well," Soares said. "When Lyoto gets another shot at the belt, he wants to make sure he's putting his best foot forward. He knows he made some mistakes in that first fight with Jon, and he's looking forward to correcting them."

"When Lyoto does get his shot, I promise you're going to see the best Lyoto Machida you've ever seen."

Penick's Analysis: Machida's position is reasonable. He wanted to move the fight to Rio, the UFC wasn't willing to keep Jones out that long after already announcing him for the Toronto card, so they went another route. Machida showed against Ryan Bader that he's still an elite talent in this division, and if he brings a different approach into a rematch he'll may be able to have more success. However, those changes may not be able to get worked out in such a short training camp, meaning he'd be at a bigger disadvantage when on Sept. 22. A second loss in a title fight can displace a fighter from the picture in that division, so Machida's right to avoid rushing that fight.

[Lyoto Machida art by Grant Gould (c)]


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Vitor Belfort says UFC 152 bout with Jon Jones is "old lion vs. young lion"

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Vitor Belfort has a massive opportunity ahead of him next month, as he'll get a chance to capture the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 152, a title he held all the way back in 2004. Entering the bout with Jon Jones, Belfort sees this as two generations of fighters matching up, as "The Phenom" takes on the youngest UFC Champion in history.

"I have a lot of respect for Jon Jones," said Belfort in an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour on Monday. "I'm very grateful for opportunity. Stepping into this fight, its old lion vs. young lion, so it's pretty cool. I'm an old lion, I have tricks, you know what I mean? I've been around. I've taken all kinds of beatings in life, not just inside Octagon, but outside as well. It's just using my experience and using my knowledge and getting ready."

"I like him as well, he's very nice, very polite, so soft spoken, and a great athlete. That's good, the sport's getting bigger. How many guys from my era are around. Not much? How many guys from when I was fighting and winning my first title in '96, I don't know what Jon Jones was doing [then]. I'm privileged to fight a guy like him, It's a privilege to me. I never thought I'd be around that much, 17 years of a career, and having this chance for the light heavyweight title. It's a title that I had before in 2004. Here I am again with this opportunity."

Though many have piled on Jones for turning down a fight with Chael Sonnen at UFC 151, in part leading to the event's cancellation, Belfort refuses to criticize Jones and his camp for the decision. After all, it did open up this opportunity for him.

"I know Jon Jones and his camp has his [reasons], they know what is best from them, I'm not going to take any position on that," Belfort said. "He's a grown-up boy, he has his crew, his manager, they made their choice, that's the choice that's best for them. If he didn't make that choice, I wouldn't have the chance, so I'm very happy he didn't take the [Sonnen] fight. I think [Chael Sonnen] didn't deserve [a shot at Jones because of] the loss [to Anderson Silva], the way he lost. I think someone deserves it, but [Sonnen] doesn't have a history in that weight division in the UFC."

"I have history in that division, I have history at the heavyweight division, I have history at the middleweight division, I think it's fair, they way it end up. I think the fans are getting something that's fair. I think, basically, what I think is right, what I think is wrong, I can only speak for myself."

Penick's Analysis: Belfort absolutely wasn't an obvious pick for this fight, but he'll try to make the most of this opportunity come Sept. 22. Whether the "old lion" has anything to offer the new kingpin at 205 lbs. is a different story, and considering he's been competing at lower weight classes for his last several fights, Jones should be the much larger fighter come fight night. It's a different and somewhat interesting challenge for Jones, especially on just a few week's notice, but Belfort's style isn't really something that should present much worry for Jones. Belfort's got to blitz him early, and test his chin in a way that it hasn't been tested before. Failing that, I'm not sure where else he turns.


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Adventures In Local MMA: Cut Throat MMA Chicago


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Vitor Belfort on Jones:

---Quote (Originally by slapshot)---
Fighters Only -
Belfort was asked to offer some advice to Jon Jones when he appeared on The MMA Hour this week....


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The Amazing Spiderman

At first i hated the idea of a reboot for the franchise but god damn, this movie is so good. I'm still around halfway through with the movie and so...


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NBA Rumors: Why Minnesota Timberwolves Would be Smart to Add Another Big Man

Minnesota Timberwolves GM David Kahn is allegedly interested in adding another big man to team with Kevin Love, Nikola Pekovic and newly acquired Greg Stiemsma.

According to Charlie Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Kahn is looking to free agency once again to add some size to the perimeter-oriented Wolves roster. However, the offer isn't likely to exceed the veteran minimum of approximately $1 million.

This continues a stunning run by Kahn of making smart moves and striding toward being a competent NBA executive after frequently-criticized transactions actions at the beginning of his tenure in 2009.

Love is the team's superstar, and although he has the body to play inside, he has morphed into a frequent three-point shooter.

While Pekovic has established himself as an offensive threat down low and Stiemsma provides necessary help on the interior defense, the Wolves definitely need one more body to add depth to the front line.

Here are a few players the Wolves and Kahn may consider targeting, keeping in mind that it won't be a player who commands a big salary.


Kenyon Martin, PF

At age 34, the former No. 1 overall pick won't likely be able to squeeze any more salary than the minimum in order to sign.

Martin has quite a bit of mileage on him, and isn't nearly the player he once was. The good news for Minnesota and him is that he doesn't have to be.

He still has the ability to be a valuable role player, as he flashed this past year after signing in the middle of the season with the Los Angeles Clippers.

During the Clippers' run to the Western Conference semifinals, Martin played only 17.5 minutes per game, but averaged 4.5 points, 3.2 rebounds and nearly two blocks per game in limited action.

Last year, Mike Tokito of The Oregonian pointed to head coach Rick Adelman's reputation as a players coach and his ability to get the best out of those who have clashed with previous coaches.

With Martin's record and Adelman's easy-going nature, it's a match worth looking into for the Wolves.


Juwan Howard, PF/C

Coming off his first NBA title as a role player for the Miami Heat, Howard isn't likely to return to South Beach.

The former top-five draft pick and Fab Five member has been an NBA journeyman, playing for eight different teams during his 18-year career.

It's unclear how much he has left in the tank, but Howard didn't play too much last season, and hasn't made any announcement to retire.

Sun Sentinel columnist Ira Winderman documented a quote from Dwyane Wade, who would love to see Howard come back to the Heat as a player or even as a coach:

We would love him around, no matter what the case may be. If it's around as a player? Yeah. If it's around as part of the coaching staff, we just want him to be here.

Convincing Howard to be a veteran mentor on an up-and-coming team that could make a playoff push may be a tough sell.

The big kicker in the Wolves favor, though, is that Howard would likely see a significant increase in playing time.


Josh Harrellson, PF/C

In another Heat-related matter, Harrellson worked out with the team recently, but is also lined up to work out for three more teams in the next week or two.

This information comes from FOX Sports columnist Chris Tomasson, who also reports that Harrellson's agent declined to reveal the teams that the former New York Knick would be working out for.

Considering the Wolves' interest in a big man and their projected asking price, Harrellson seems like a perfect fit for what they need.

At 6'10", 275 pounds, Harrellson has the adequate size to bang around inside with NBA big men, and his youth is an attractive asset as opposed to someone like Howard.

Harrellson is the classic glue guy: A hustle player with a high motor, a decent outside shot and a capable facilitator. He is an underrated passer for a big man.

With Pekovic and Stiemsma on the inside, Harrellson would be more comparable to Love as far as big men are concerned, which isn't a bad thing.

Offensive efficiency, reliability and a high basketball IQ is just about all the Timberwolves could ask for in a young, free agent big man. Harrellson makes a lot of sense.


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Wandy's Dad dead after fatal car accident in Brazil.

Damn, R.I.P.



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UFC 153: Demian Maia vs Rick Story



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US Open Tennis 2012: Bold Predictions for Entire Tournament

Among the contenders for the final Grand Slam of the year, there are only a few who have been deemed as realistic contenders to win it all.

But the ones who come out on top may not be the ones you're expecting.

It may seem as though some of the men will have easier roads to the semis and the finals because of the conspicuous absence of Rafael Nadal, but in fact, some of them will be in for a reality check a lot sooner than the finals.

And even though it seems like nobody is capable of beating Serena Williams right now, is there someone who can stop her?

Here are some predictions for how things will shape up at this year's U.S. Open.

This Isn't Andy Murray's Year

Murray is a popular semi-sleeper pick for this year's Open, and for good reason: He's been playing some of the best tennis of his life over the last couple of months.

He's never won a major, but lately, he's certainly looked like he's on the verge. At Wimbledon, he made it to the final for the first time but bowed out to Roger Federer. A month later, on the same courts and against the same opponent, he avenged the loss, taking home the gold medal.

But given the fact that Murray is on the same side of the bracket as Federer, he'd likely have to beat him and Djokovic in order to lay claim to his first-ever major—and according to The Wall Street Journal's Jim Chairusmi, Murray is 0-5 against them in majors.

In fact, Murray may not even make it far enough to have the opportunity to face his fiercest rivals. He could have some tough competition way before the final—maybe in the form of Milos Raonic.

…And So Will Djokovic

The tennis world is eagerly waiting to see whether this is the moment Djokovic will turn it around, or whether the U.S. Open will just be another chapter in the same old story that has defined the once-dominant Serb for the last few months.

Since making a bid to win his fourth straight Grand Slam and subsequently losing in the French Open to Rafael Nadal, Djokovic has struggled. He lost to Federer in the Wimbledon semis, then lost to Murray in the Olympic semis.

With his toughest competition on the opposite side of the bracket, you'd think this would be the perfect time for Djokovic to right the ship. But he seems like the perfect candidate to fall into an unexpected trap match—just like he did against Murray in London this summer.

Isner Will Rise

Kind of like Murray, John Isner is a solid under-the-radar pick to sneak in there and win his first Grand Slam. And in the past, he's had just enough success at the U.S. Open to suggest he has a realistic shot.

Last year, Isner made it to the U.S. Open quarterfinals and he plays his best tennis on hard courts. He's coming into this tournament on the heels of a win in the Winston-Salem Open, when he admittedly didn't play his best tennis, according to the Associated Press via Before that, he made it to the semis at the Rogers Cup and the quarterfinals at the Olympics.

Perhaps he can ride that momentum into a solid showing here.

Serena Wins Again

Maybe this prediction isn't so bold.

The truth is, there doesn't seem to be anybody who can beat Serena right now. She demolished Maria Sharapova at the Olympic finals 6-0, 6-1, and as a result, she's the proud owner of the most lopsided women's final in the history of the Games, according to the AP via The Huffington Post. About a month prior to winning the gold, she won her fifth Wimbledon title, defeating Agnieszka Radwanska.

Now, Williams is the consensus favorite to earn her second straight Grand Slam, and it's easy to see why. She was utterly dominant at the Olympics, losing only 17 games in London, according to the AP—and there doesn't seem to be anyone who can realistically stand in her way.

Even defending champ Samantha Stosur thinks Williams has the best shot of winning. She told Reuters, via

Serena is probably the favorite coming in given her recent form. No matter who you are, I don't think you can really deny that.

Some momentum just can't be stopped, just like Williams.


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The Guide to MMA Officiating by Steve Mazzagatti & Cecil Peoples


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WBA Champion Austin Trout Says Carlos Condit Brings the Sweet Science to MMA

Ahead of his fight with Georges St-Pierre this November, Carlos Condit had the chance to work with WBA champion Austin 'No Doubt' Trout, and the boxer complimented the MMA fighter on his smart approach to stand-up


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Monday, August 27, 2012

Lanny Poffo Wants Greg Valentine In An MMA Fight

WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine no-showing Great North Wrestling’s Randy Savage tribute show on Sept. 3 in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada has been turned into an angle.
Lanny Poffo, the brother of the late superstar wrestler, posted a video on YouTube challenged the 60-year-old to a mixed martial arts match on December 30 in Gatineau. The wrestler formerly known as The Genius says he will throw cash he received from his recent inheritance to bait Valentine into the fight. He also taunts Valentine by calling him a “mangina” and ...


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