Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Things Drastically Wrong Early on with L.A. Lakers

After a busy offseason that featured a trade for Dwight Howard and the signing of Steve Nash, the Lakers entered the 2012-13 season as strong contenders for an NBA championship.  Yet, in losing 99-91 to the shorthanded Dallas Mavericks in last night's season opener, the team looked like anything but one of the elite. 

Careless mistakes, poor free-throw shooting and a lack of on-court chemistry sunk the team from the second quarter and on. 

Granted, this was the first game of the season after a winless preseason, and star guard Kobe Bryant started after not practicing for a week due to a strained and bruised foot, but that's not the point.  This team now is deeper than it has been in years and should have taken the Mavs to school last night. 

It's just one game and way too early for fans to be freaking out, especially given the fact that the Miami Heat lost the first game their Big Three played together.  Still, the basketball the Lakers played last night is so unlike what we as fans have grown used to seeing from them that it's only natural that people are concerned.

Needless to say, coach Mike Brown needs to make some adjustments so that the season isn't prematurely labeled a disappointment.

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