Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mikkel Parlo: New Danish MW prospect - Bellator and US debut

This fight was posted on his own Facebook page, so I assume the link is legal. If not, then I'm sorry mods, I didn't mean to break any rules.

Mikkel Parlo is the most promising Danish prospect at the moment. He's short for a MW but very strong, explosive and has got some power in his hands. He's only 22 and still has a lot to learn, but he's exciting and comes to bang every time. He recently signed with Bellator, and I really hope to see him in the UFC sooner or later along with my boy Kampmann (yes, I'm Danish :icon_chee )!

Here's his Bellator and US debut - let me know what you think:

Jared Combs vs. Mikkel Parlo - Bellator 78 - MMA Fights Video (

And I'm sorry if this was already posted. :D


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