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NASCAR Chase 2012: Why Brad Keselowski Will Win the Sprint Cup Title

Brad Keselowski is a man on a mission.

Not only is he the current points leader, but he has a lot to prove to NASCAR and the fans.  Can this young driver hang on to his current lead and beat both Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin once the Chase finally comes to an end?

Keselowski has what it takes to be a champion, and when the season is over, he will be the one to win the Sprint Cup title.

It won't be easy by any means, but Keselowski has just as much of a chance to win the Sprint Cup title as anyone else, especially since he is already the points leader.

That's not to say Johnson and Hamlin don't have a shot at winning, but Keselowski has looked like a champion all year, and with two wins already in the Chase, he clearly already has the momentum behind him to become this year's champion.


The Right Attitude

To say the spotlight has been on Keselowski this year is an understatement.  When Kurt Busch and Penske Racing went their separate ways during the offseason, Keselowski was the one to step up and lead Penske into the new year.

It's a lot of responsibility for a young driver, but Keselowski has clearly had the right attitude, and it's shown.

Even team owner Roger Penske has gotten behind KeselowskiPenske was quoted over at AOL.com as saying:

He has been an amazing young guy. His support in the shop, and he's a very constructive driver from the standpoint of our people within the company.

Brad...revs them up, and he goes around and thanks them, and that's important.

With Dodge leaving NASCAR and the Penske organization getting ready to switch to Ford next year, Keselowski still has his sights set on what he can do for Dodge this year.

"The greatest thing we could do would be to bring a championship to Dodge this year," said Keselowski, per the Associated Press (via SI.com).

Keselowski has the attitude of a champion.  That's why, as NASCAR heads into Charlotte, he is leading the pack.


Surviving 'Dega and Beyond

Keselowski went into Talladega and left with an even greater points lead over both Johnson and Hamlin.  He was able to finish the race in seventh place, ahead of both drivers.

Talladega is a race that can ruin a point leader’s lead, but in Keselowski's case, it only increased it.

As the Sprint Cup Series gets ready to head into tracks like Charlotte, Kansas, Phoenix and Texas, Keselowski has a chance to add even more wins to his already impressive season.

Two of his wins from the regular season came from Kentucky and Chicago, which are 1.5-mile tracks.  Charlotte, Kansas, Phoenix and Texas are similar in size to both Kentucky and Chicagoland Speedways.

Brad and his crew chief Paul Wolfe are pretty good with gas mileage and know how to position the "Blue Deuce" to be in the front at the end of these 1.5-mile races.

With only six races left in the Chase, and four of them being 1.5-mile tracks, Keselowski has a pretty good chance to keep his momentum moving forward.

There are three drivers who are separating themselves from the rest of the pack.  Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin will have the attention of fans as the Chase continues to move forward.

Keselowski might be the points leader, but he still seems like an underdog when compared to Hamlin and Johnson.  How can this kid from Michigan have a chance of holding back those two competitors?

He has been in championship mode all season, and it's paying off now.  He’s managed to win two races in the Chase already and doesn't seem to be slowing down.

When the last checkered flag waves at Homestead to end the season, Keselowski will be the one who wins the Sprint Cup title.

Source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1362918-nascar-chase-2012-why-brad-keselowski-will-win-the-sprint-cup-title

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