Monday, October 15, 2012

TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Results: 10 Fun Facts from Last Night's Historic Event

Last night, TNA presented its eighth annual Bound For Glory event live from Phoenix, Arizona. After having an impressive year since the start of 2012, TNA's recent success reached the ultimate climax at this year's Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

In recent years, Impact Wrestling has been known for its often screwy finishes and absolute asinine booking, which had turned off many viewers for quite awhile. However, it's since improved immensely since January of this year and successfully provided one of its best Bound For Glory events in years.

Unlike in years' past, this BFG event actually had a WrestleMania-like feel to it, with most of the matches having some sort of backstory or meaning behind them. By the end of the broadcast, I felt the show certainly lived up to (or even exceeded) by original expectations in being an enjoyable event.

Throughout the event, I gathered a handful of fun facts that I found interesting, which I'll list in chronological order here. Of course, you may not find the following facts to be fun by any means, but nevertheless, I thought each monumental moment was significant enough to make note of it. 

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