Thursday, November 15, 2012

4 NFL Head Coaches Who Are on the Hot Seat This Season

Every year, there are several coaches on the hot seat because their teams are either performing under expectations or not performing at all. 

This year is no different. 

Even though the head coaches get the brunt of the blame, usually players and assistant coaches behind the scenes deserve some of it as well. 

It isn't all the head coach's fault if their offense is ranked 30th in the league or doesn't know how to use a talent like Jamaal Charles. But I'm getting too far ahead. 

These four head coaches are a special case, each one as unique as the other. And not the good kind. 

They've found ways to not only fail spectacularly but to have the guile to build the fanbase up, making them think they'd be good this year, only to have it all crash down in flames. 

Here's a quick rundown of the final four that have found a way to discourage their fanbases to the point that they do things like this

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Mike Nickels Rashad Evans Keith Hackney Kultar Gill Valentijn Overeem

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