Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EPL's 10 Most Shameful Moments

While we mostly enthuse about the excitement and quality exhibited in the English Premier League, there are occasional moments that make us gasp in disbelief at the behaviour and conduct of its participants.

The shameful events I am about to describe are not restricted to any particular clubs and include players from Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Newcastle, West Ham and Bolton amongst others.

By no means would I claim my list to be an exhaustive one (you may well have your own favourites that are not included here) but they are all events that attracted huge media attention at the time and, in some cases, have a significance that goes beyond our beautiful game.

I have chosen 10 moments, listed in my preferred reverse order, which affected me personally.

With a few exceptions I would imagine the perpetrators have suffered remorse for their actions. I will leave you to decide the ones who haven’t!

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