Monday, November 19, 2012

ROUNDTABLE: Predictions for Martin Kampmann vs. Johny Hendricks at UFC 154


Who wins the Martin Kampmann vs. Johny Hendricks fight, and how?


This is razor thin, and no outcome would surprise me, so in cases like these I go with my heart; and my heart is saying Martin Kampmann. I know he's been escaping by the skin of his teeth lately, but eventually that has to be taken as a skill, not a fluke. No matter how he did it, he defeated Jake Ellenberger and Thiago Alves in order to get positioned for a faux number 1 contender fight against Johny Hendricks. And even before those two aforementioned come from behind victories, he hasn't been beaten soundly since getting KO'd by Paul Daley in September 2009 (I think he beat Diego Sanchez, and the Shields fight was a total coin flip). I'm more impressed by Kampmann's ability to find a way to win that I am impressed by Hendricks' flash KO of Jon Fitch and grueling victories over Mike Pierce and Josh Koscheck. Maybe I'm wrong, it isn't as if I'm burying Hendricks here. I just think Kampmann should find a way to win.


I really want to sit on the fence in this one; I've backed against Kampmann in his last two fights and he's proved me wrong. I can't sit on the fence so I'm going to back against him again and go for a Hendricks TKO in the first round. As durable as Kampmann is, I don't think he comes back from a Hendricks onslaught like he did against Ellenberger and even Alves. Still it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Kampmann pulls off another sensational win on Saturday night.


Johny Hendricks wins by knockout in the first round. His hands are like bricks and they stand to flatten anyone who they touch. Fitch got steamrolled, Koscheck only stayed in there because of an eye poke and Hendricks is on an absolute tear. I don't see a way he doesn't win this fight, so KO round one all day.


I feel like I'm underestimating Kampmann, but I think Hendricks is going to get the TKO in this fight. Hendricks keeps rising in the welterweight division and I don't think Kampmann can stop him. I think Hendricks gets the stoppage in the second round.


I think this is a fight of the year candidate even before these two guys show up. I think Hendricks can only win with his wrestling or his striking and Kampmann can win any number of ways. Kampmann has also been in deep and troubled waters on several occasions inside the Octagon. Hendricks has not been in the same kind of wars as Kampmann, and he might fade if Kampmann can drag him into the later rounds. That is the key for Kampmann to win this fight. I think he will do just that, and win by unanimous decision.


I see Kampmann-Hendricks being one of those razor close, split decision type affairs both guys are sort of known for having. Martin Kampmann is the cleaner striker, but I think Johnny Hendricks will at least keep up with his output and land a few big punches each round.

This fight is a total coin flip on paper, but I'll go with Johnny Hendricks to take a close decision. Kampmann almost always eats big shots in fights (usually up against the cage), and that's a bad habit to have against a wrestler with the punching power of Hendricks.

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