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XFO 46 Results: Walker's in-arena report for local event at Sears Center in Illinois


By: Brad Walker, MMATorch Columnist, and Manny Garcia

Live from the Sears Centre here in Hoffman Estates comes XFO 46 with numerous compelling fights and a headline bout between Adam Maciejewski and Miodrag "Pele" Petkovich. We are cage side, a whopping 18 inches from the solid steel of the XFO proving grounds ready to bring you all the coverage and results. There are 9 professional fights on the main card with an undercard containing 8 amateur fights, so it is a big night of battles here. We are happy to bring you this coverage in association with XFO who has been gracious in allowing us to sit on press row to write up our column so close to the phenomenal action we await. When the card gets underway we will bring you coverage of all the main fights as well as results from all of the amateur fights.

Amateur Card Results:

-Bryan Akins def Nate Jennerman via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)?-David Williams def Antoine Wiseman via Unanimous Decision (29-27x3)
Note: Williams received a point deduction for an illegal knee.
-Dante Patrick def Jim Overly via Submission (RNC) in Round 1
-Austin Lewis def Patrick Shawn by KO in Round 1
-Chris Gutierrez def Sam Horowitz via Unanimous decision (30-27x3)
-Dan Hart def Eric Price via Submission (Guillotine) in Round 3
-Pat Hastings def Kevin Watkins via Submission (arm-triangle) in Round 1
-Brian Radtke def Vitor Rodriguez via submission (RNC) in Round 3 to become the new XFO Lightweight Amateur Champion

Professional Card Results:

PJ Caligas vs Lawerence Dunning (Welterweight)

Round 1: Both fighters came in on weight, and we're ready to go. Dunning looks to have the size advantage in the cage, but Caligas immediately looks for a take down. He goes for the single leg and we're on the ground. Dunning attempts to roll and gives up his back. Caligas has him in big trouble here; he is landing strikes to both sides of his head and now is looking to flatten him out. Dunning rolls it over and lands with Caligas in top mount. Caligas isolates the arm and rolls for an armbar, it's in deep and Dunning taps. Fantastic show of jiu jitsu from PJ Caligas.

Winner PJ Caligas via submission (armbar) at 2:17 of Round 1

Charles Radtke vs Jimmy Kim (165 pound catchweight)

Round 1: Radtke is making his pro debut against Kim who appears to be the thicker fighter while Radtke is taller with a reach advantage. Kim shoots for a single leg, but Radtke stuff him and lands a couple of hard jabs with a leg kick. Kim shoots again and gets him down this time. Kim is working from the guard but Radtke is continually throwing his legs up for a triangle. He gets it set up, he's just trying to lock that ankle in behind his knee, and Radkte has it! Kim is in a world of trouble and he taps!

Charles Radtke def Jimmy Kim via Submission (triangle choke) at 2:07 of Round 1

Ramy Daoud vs Cody Osborne (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Both men look really equal in size coming into this bout, but Osborne has some extremely ugly black and pink polkadot shorts, which I just decided I will not hold against him. Osborne looks to shoot right out of the gate while Ramy wants to stand, he stuffs the takedown and lands some great strikes on the exit. Osborne in the process has gotten Daoud's ankle locked up and appears to be rolling for a heel hook, he might have it in, but he clearly isn't phasing Daoud with his attempt. Daoud pulls free and lands some short hammer fists before exiting to his feet. Osborne goes for another takedown but Daoud winds up on top and works some striking as the round comes to an end.

Osborne is not getting up. The ref and doctors are checking on him and I would have to believe that this fight will be called between rounds. Osborne looks hurt, but I am unsure of where the injury could have occurred. The ref waves his arms and this fight is over.

Ramy Daoud def Cody Osborne via doctor stoppage (injury) after round 1 (5:00)

Lance Harvey vs Erick Correa (Heavyweight)

Round 1: Correa is the 2011 super heavyweight Golden Gloves boxing champion, and he is no joke inside the cage. Harvey has had a disappointing 0-2 pro career this far. They touch gloves and were ready to fight, Harvey shoots for a takedown but is easily stuffed by the much larger Correa, who in return lands great rights and lefts to the body and head. Correa is lighting him up here! Harvey shoots for another takedown but Correa stuffs him and they wind up in north south position before Harvey rolls to get up and Correa lands a massive right to the liver, Harvey is hurt, another huge right from Correa to Harvey from the clinch and his legs give out! Correa is having his way with Harvey right now, this fight needs to be stopped. It's over! Correa wins!

Erick Correa def Lance Harvey by TKO at 1:52 of Round 1

Phil Williams vs Andre Feliciano (131 lb. Catchweight)

Round 1: Williams comes into this fight coming off of a great knockout, but Feliciano is undefeated thus far in his career. Williams looks to strike and Feliciano immediately gets the clinch and pushes the fight up against the cage. Williams looks for underhooks but Feliciano drops down for the single and is making Williams really work to keep this on his feet, Feliciano drags him out and puts him on his back. There isn't much motion on the ground right now, so I'm expecting a stand up, but Williams is working to get back up, he wall walks and gets back to his feet. Feliciano goes for another single and gets the take down. This is a battle of wills right now, Williams wanting to get to his feet and Feliciano not wanting to strike with a guy like Phil Williams. The round comes to an end on the mat.

Round 1 Scorecard: Brad 10-9 Feliciano, Manny 10-9 Feliciano

Round 2: Williams comes out immediately looking to strike, he lands a leg kick and the second strike is caught and Feliciano takes him right back down to the mat. Williams is working to sweep, but Feliciano lands a huge elbow and as soon as it landed a massive mouse developed under Williams left eye. Williams is doing what he can to strike from the bottom but this fight so far has been all Feliciano, this is one powerful man on the mat. Feliciano is trying to drag him over to the cage to secure his position but Williams isn't going without a fight. It looks like this round will begin and end on the ground as the bell sounds.

Round 2 Scorecard: Brad 10-9 Feliciano Manny 10-9 Feliciano

Round 3: between rounds we could hear the coaches from Team Curran telling Williams that he needs to finish to win this fight, and he comes out still very fresh on his feet but his first kick is caught and Feliciano powers him back to the mat just infront of us. Williams looks frusterated, Feliciano is working some small hammerfists from the top and keeping relatively active. He passes to the half guard but has of yet been unable to do more than that. Some small strikes being landed by both men on the ground here, I'm surprised we're not seeing a stand up. Williams is looking to move for a butterfly guard and perhaps a sweep but Feliciano is just so well versed on the ground, this round comes to an end and Feliciano will have a very well earned victory.

Brad's Scorecard: 30-27 Feliciano, Manny's Scorecard: 30-27 Feliciano

Andre Feliciano def Phil Williams via UD (30-27 x3)

Main Event Danny Aguirre vs Matt Wikoff (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Wikoff comes in with a huge experience advantage but Aguirre has the much better looking record. They touch gloves and are off. Wikoff looks to strike immediately but Aguirre catches him with a single leg and takes him straight down and moves right into mount! Wow! He has worked into a mounted triangle, and he's got the arm aswell! This is a very bad spot for Matt Wikoff, he needs to do something before he either goes to sleep or loses an arm! Aguirre is torqueing the arm now, Wikoff is visibly in pain, and finally he taps. Very good showing by Danny Aguirre
?Danny Aguirre def Matt Wikoff via Submission (triangle armbar) at 2:41 of round 1

That's it for tonight folks, the atmosphere has been fantastic here in the Sears Centre arena, and we were very happy to bring you coverage and results for our favorite promotion XFO. Dan Lardy has once against delivered an exciting card from beginning to end and the fighters were more than happy to be in this hallowed arena to show off their skills. A fantastic card has come to a close, and once again we bid you all farewell as we close up shop here in Hoffman Estates. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to follow us/me on twitter:

@BradMMATorch ? Brad
@MMA10Show - Manny


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